Blue Hill Class Reel 2

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1932 – 1936
Date from edge code on film. // Pekinese dogs on lawn. Asian girl, about 5 years old, gestures, dressed in robe. Waters flowers. Goose. Boy does somersault on lawn, plays in sprinkler. Croquet. Fowl. Sea birds. Cats on footstool outside. Oxen and hay (poor exposure). River, fishing. Pig. Hummingbird. Cow. Calf. Fowl. Ducks in pond. Static shot. Can says class models, Honan, May. Die and clay. Guatemala swans. B--gulls, kittens. Oxen.
Three Pekinese dogs on the lawn. Pekinese and Pekinese puppies playing tug-a-war with a person off screen. Close up shots of the dogs. An Asian woman and little girl. Shot of the little girl as she speaks/performs. Little girl watering flowers in a garden. The little girl fills her watering can at a fountain in front of a small statue of Buddha. Cut to a goose eating grass. A child playing in an outdoor shower. The same child playing croquet. Cut to shot of swans, ducks and pigeons eating from trays. Geese in a pond. A black swan. Close up of goslings. Seagulls over the water and a rocky beach. Cut to kittens eating on a footstool in the grass. Kittens playing. Two oxen hitched to a wagon full of hay. Two men load more hay onto the wagon, then walk with the oxen as they pull. Cut to a waterfall with fish swimming upstream. Shot of a stream. People on a dock, fishing with a net. A woman kneels on the rocks by the water and catches fish with her hands. Cut to a shot of a pig. A boy playing with the pig. Shot of a humming bird and flowers. Cut to a cow tethered in front of the group of students. The cow eating off of a stool. (Film changes to color) Ducks in a pond. [End of Reel]

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