[Lloyd B. Hayes--home movies] Reel 5

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Rachel Millard and two other women greet each other at the docks. A man steps in a rowboat and paddles around a bit. The man and two women row the boat to shore, the women get out and the man jumps back in the boat. The man and a woman row the boat to shore. Footage of people cooking a meal on an open fire along the rocky shoreline and sitting on a fallen tree to eat. Rachel and two other women exit a house and walk along a pathway. People stand at a viewing area on Cadillac Mountain, ME, and admire the view with footage of the surrounding area. Footage of the road up Cadillac Mountain shot from within a car. The car pulls up to Jordan Pond House and three women get out. Footage of the women walking and relaxing at a table in the garden with shots of the surrounding area, including the Bubble Mountains. A shot of the ladies getting back in the car. Sailboats sail around Northeast Harbor. A shot of a motorized launch docking. Footage of two women and a man having a lobster cookout on the rocky shoreline. Two women and a man walk across the island, reach the shore, get into a rowboat and row away. A shot of a man seated in a launch resting his feet on the wheel. Two women sit in the back of the boat, which is towing a dinghy, as the man steers.

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