[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 22

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22. Aug 1932--Susanne at cove, toothless Tom, Ralph, Tom and Erik alike from beach, eclipse, Tom's swimming lesson, G and I staring boat, San with sailor hat, Petey Wells, Jordan at yacht club. (UNEDITED)
NHF Cataloguer's notes for reel 22:00:03. Woman tending vegetables near wooden, louver-like trellis. She removes roots from ground using trowel. Man wheeling infant in baby carriage. The carriage is open with seat at top. Woman on porch, boy dressed for swimming. He wears striped undershirt and captain's hat. Boy descends steps. Two adults and child walking across rustic wooden bridge. Bridge is in woods, trees on either side. Boy walks jauntily along. Couple with infant in open carriage follow behind. Man carefully wheels infant in carriage along bridge. 01:03. Infant sucks thumb. Boy in bathing attire walks along. Man halts wicker carriage. Lovingly, he removes infant from carriage. He talks to infant while holding her in his arms. Man walks along with infant held atop, around his neck. He walks down wooded, copiously-treed path with infant still on neck. He jounces her gently. Infant shakes head, smiles. 02:04. Woman tending to infant as infant sits on ground. Woman adjusts infant's blouse. Woman kneels. Infant crawls toward woman's camera which she has set on nearby rock. Woman takes infant by arms as infant attempts to walk. Infant is embraced by man to whom she is near. Man holds up shoe which infant wishes to grasp. Young boy swimming in pond. 03:01. He swims in water adjacent to shore. Man in bathing suit walks in wood with infant in arms. Young boy sits on steps outside home. He appears to be crying. He is smiling, clowning for camera. CU boy. 04:04. He talks, points outward. Brushes cheek. He laughs, looks upward. Two men, boy on porch of home. Boy descends front steps. Elderly man rises. Woman emerges from doorway. She has infant sitting in open carriage. Elderly man walking on lawn before home. (This reel is tinted pale green.) 05:00. Child and adult walking down path on grounds of home. Both wear white hats, sweat shirts, and swim trunks. Man, boy both remove their hats. Family sitting in picture window of home. Trees immediately outside healthily foliaged. Shadowy shot of picture window, people, trees. Shot a bit shadowy. Infant in open carriage on porch of home. Woman emerges. She sits on steps. Young boy emerges from doorway. Sunglasses give him sophisticated, adult appearance. He joins woman who has object in hand. 06:02. Family group walking down path. Man wheels infant in open carriage. Two women carry picnic basket between them. The group walks in evergreen tree area. Man smoking pipe, wears sunglasses. Quick shot of sun. Family in yard. Woman relaxes in lawn chair. Family is having picnic. 07:00. Sun in sky. Infant sitting in open carriage. Adults in yard. Woman picks up small dog. Shows it to infant. Dog licks infant. Quarter moon in sky. 08:00. Center of moon becomes dark. Seems to roll along. (Cataloguer is unsure of what this object really is.) What appears to be a quarter moon appears once more. Boy getting into nor'easter type raincoat. He wears high boots. 09:00. He smiles, buttons coat. Woman running toward home. She wears slacksuit. Boy walking jauntily down path. He hugs object in arms. Woman, boy walking side by side down path. Boy emerges from what appears to be a changing room for swimmers. Small wooden buildings appear to be locker rooms, facilities for bathing. Man appears on walkway at side of building. He is dressed for a swim. 10:01. Boy, man wade in the water. Man watches from landing. Man holds boy as he swims a bit. Boy scurries toy boat along surface of water. Boy emerges from water. He walks up to white-clad man on landing. Man has cloth item in hand. Man stands back to on top of steps leading down to landing. Man dressed in white hands boy towel. Boy ascends steps leading up to landing. Young man skimming water in motorboat. He leans against the motor. 11:04. Buddy is in boat with young man. They bring boat into pier. They launch out. One young man holds rope which is extended from pier. Still holding rope, the two launch out onto lake. Two men and woman with infant in open carriage on front steps of home. Woman and infant are at foot of steps. Woman expertly wheels carriage around. One of the men retrieves suitcase. Family walking down woodland path. Little boy heads group. Woman with baby in carriage and two men walking side by side complete group. One man smokes while carrying suitcase. Woman wheeling infant in carriage and two men starting to walk across wooden bridge. 12:02. Two boys sitting at edge of pier near water. Woman kisses boy. Another woman sits on pier bench. Boy kisses this woman. Two men and woman walk down pier walkway. Woman on pier waves to the aforescribed people as they are now aboard a cabin cruiser. Cabin cruiser begins its voyage. Group is in bow. Woman unfolds protective canvas on cabin cruiser. She removes bar, secures American flag. She unfurls flag and places it on stand at bow of boat. 13:02. Woman stands in bow of boat, smiles while glancing over shoulder. The boat moves further away from pier. Toddler in boat smiles. She tries to pull sailor hat from adult's head. Young man bows his head so that toddler can fool some more with hat. She begins to cry and wave her arms. Young man places sailor hat on toddler's head. Now she smiles. Family group on woodland path. There are three women, a little boy, and two infants in their separate open carriages. Little boy wheels one of the carriages. Shot of smiling toddlers in their carriages. 14:04. Family group in evergreen area of woods. Woman walks forward carrying tray. Another woman carries picnic hamper. Woman carrying pitcher, has towel hung on shoulder. Man follows her. Infant sitting in open carriage which is aboard boat. Infant smiles as boat skims over water. She moves arms up and down. 15:02. Boat moves forward. Wake, trees of shoreline visible. Bridge, body of water. This is a professionally designed bridge. Boats in water. Back to infant in her boated carriage. Smiling, she looks from side to side. Boat floats under bridge. Bow of boat. Man places flag in its stand. Infant smiles. American flag attached to stern of boat. Infant shakes head back and forth. View of water surface with larger boat, trees, buildings along shoreline. 16:02. Pov. ride toward shore. Exterior of cabin cruiser traversing water surface. Sailboat with sails lowered. Surface of water, shoreline buildings. Man walking along pier. He waves. He leans on pier post, removes captain's cap. Woman wheels infant in carriage up gangway of pier. Infant smiles as carriage bounces on wooden slats of gangway. Boy follows woman. Infant smiles, waves. 17:04. Woman smiles as she rests from wheeling carriage. Harbor with cabin cruiser in dock. Pov. ride on water surface, boy on shore in foreground. Cabin cruiser has 'Mobil Oil' and other signs on it. Dark shot with lines in background. (End Reel 22.)

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