[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 74

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1953 – 1954
NHF cataloguer notes (reel numbers assigned by donor or creator): Reel 74: [all exterior shots; generally well composed, focused, and steady. Some of the shots were a little short.] 5:17:58 people outside drinking from thermos; man and woman walking through trees; older man pulling a wheelbarrow behind him down a path; older man unloading crates of vegetables from wheelbarrow; WS of rocky coastline; lighthouse; CU of seagulls on the rocks; woman seated on rocks feeding seagulls; people climbing into boat (ferry bus); couple toasting each other with glasses and then kiss on porch; people walking down wharf to board boat, 'Balmy Days'; the boat passes a sign on a building, 'Isle of Springs'; WS of passengers eating and drinking on the boat; boat approaches a large bridge; coastline from POV of boat deck 5:23:50 people loaded with suitcases and coats walking toward camera; loading suitcases onto boat; sign 'PRIVATE ISLE OF SPRINGS ASSN'; people putting bags into trunk of car; POV from boat passing a small wharf with docked boats; CU of colorful flowers in a green lawn; flower beds; 5:26:38 Logo,'WATV Television Center 13'; shot of TV screen with two woman, three women talking to camera, they are describing a blender; CU of blender; one woman makes a fruit concoction in the blender; 5:31:12 man clearing fallen limbs from yard; pan of fallen, uprooted trees; man removing the canvas from a boat; CU different angles of boat and man; man driving boat into its slip; coastline from POV of boat; dog swimming alongside boat; woman pulls dog on deck; 5:33:55 older man clearing fallen limbs from property; sawing limbs; woman planting seeds; man arranging small rocks in circle around the freshly planted seeds; shot of dock; shot of car in an old wood garage.

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