Saint Ignace Island on Lake Superior, 1940--Dassler family--home movies. Reels 14-15

New York
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Saint Ignace Island on Lake Superior, 1940--Dassler family--home movies. Reels 14-15Credit:

Credit: Lee Dassler Collection, Northeast Historic Film.

Black-and-white and color home movies shot and compiled by J.C. Dassler of the Dassler family's 1940 vacation on Lake Superior.
NHF cataloger's notes, 2/96 for Reels 14 and 15: Crowd of about 50 people stand at dock awaiting arrival of mail boat; mail boat steaming into port; crew unloads small cargo; mail is dispersed to crowd. Dockside post office is attended to by two women; small boy climbs aboard ship; wide shot of mail boat from above; two boys rowing across lake, hilly forested shore in background. Family eating lunch aboard cabin cruiser; boy sails skiff across bay close to shore, tents and evergreens; young woman swims in same bay; two boys fish a small stream, fording it by walking gingerly across a fallen branch. Two boys swim toward row boat; young woman piloting cabin cruiser; open water with panoramic view of distant forested, hilly shore. Family rows across bay; Rossport, Ontario: town buildings, dock. Five small children sitting on deck of cabin cruiser, one wearing a sailor's cap, all smiling. Sawmill located along shore; workman poles logs from water to conveyor which pulls logs into mill; interior shot of mill depicting operation of saw and log carriage system. Rocky, abrupt cliffs forming shoreline. Two boys climb wooded hill overlooking bay; panoramic view of bay and distant hills. Woman walking with dog through berry patch, picking berries, dog eats berries. Medium shots of young woman and teenaged boys in open boat, wooded shoreline in background. Surf breaking on rocky shore; panoramic shot of distant island in background; steamship Alabama, a large freight/passenger vessel, makes way across open lake water, black smoke streaming behind. Family aboard cabin cruiser; teenage boy depicted asleep on deck; young woman dips water from the lake. Small Chassel train station; family awaits train, standing alongside pick-up truck with station building in background; medium shot of teenage boys eating candy from a paper bag, dressed in suits and ties; reel ends with brief interior shot of train and passengers aboard.
Title card: "SAINT IGNACE ISLAND in LAKE SUPERIOR *** J.C. Dassler 1940" Intertitle: “We spent a few days in Tobins Harbor, Isle Royale.” Intertitle: “Here - Early Sunday morning most of Tobins Harbor awaits the mailboat. **** *** Sam, Dale and Jud take a little interest in fish.” Intertitle: “The others simply wait.” Intertitle: “Twice a week, she comes, from Duluth, Minn.” Intertitle: “The Post Office is OPEN” Intertitle: “Bob Smith” Intertitle: “Sam Jim Shelton” Intertitle: “Not the constable only a Parson on vacation.” Intertitle: “Ready to leave” Intertitle: “The next day the Awinita left Tobins for Saint Ignace.” Intertitle: “We stopped off of Sweede Island for a swim” Intertitle: “Then lunch” Intertitle: “Bob, Sam and Dale camped on shore in snug Duncan Cove.” Intertitle: “Dopey had her first sail here.” Intertitle: “Margaret Lee borrowed a knife.” Intertitle: “A day or so later she cleans up the beach.” Intertitle: “The boys do more sailing in Dopey.” Intertitle: “One way to use Marshmallows” Intertitle: “We fish a nearby stream.” Intertitle: “Can they make it?” Intertitle: “More swimming, Dopey gets away.” Intertitle: “We run into Rossport for mail” Intertitle: “Saint Ignace is the top of a granite mountain rising 1500 feet out of the lake - massive, magestic [sic] - and nearly 18 miles long.” Intertitle: “We stop at Morn Harbor on Simpson Island about half way to Rossport.” Intertitle: “Raspberry pickers return.” Intertitle: “MAIN STREET **** Rossport Ontario” Intertitle: “At Rossport we have visitors” Intertitle: “The one industry at Rossport is a sawmill” Intertitle: “This is where the logs go in.” Intertitle: “The Chief Engineer and his fire.” Intertitle: “Logs are rolled onto this car and clamped down” Intertitle: “The car moves up to the saw.” Intertitle: “Boards are cut off rapidly.” Intertitle: “Back to Saint Ignace. Sunny but cool, where camp was moved to French Harbor” Intertitle: “Running over to shoot a brilliant high cliff in French Harbor.” Intertitle: “A steep climb leads to a clearing giving a magnificent view of French Harbor and the south shore of Saint Ignace Island.” Intertitle: “Looking down to our landing place.” Intertitle: “Calling to Lucy on board the Awinita.” Intertitle: “The entrance to French Harbor” Intertitle: “Saint Ignace's hills roll off to the west.” Intertitle: “Margaret Lee explores an open beach in the harbor.” Intertitle: “She finds Raspberries” Intertitle: “So does Corky” Intertitle: “Also blueberries” Intertitle: “A rain squall ends with a full Rainbow.” Intertitle: “The sunset that evening” Intertitle: “Trying out the new mast - cut from a tree near camp.” Intertitle: “We hitch up the tow and start back to Isle Royale.” Intertitle: “Near Fleur Island we stop for the night, and Corky goes ashore.” Intertitle: “Fleur Island has a long winding channel thru its center.” Intertitle: “Back at Isle Royale we enjoy the surf on Scovill Point.” Intertitle: “The Alabama leaves” Intertitle: “Our return trip to Houghton on the south shore was made in a fog.” Intertitle: “Who's tired?” Intertitle: “She wants a cool drink.” Intertitle: “Soup's on” Intertitle: “The Wiinikka's take us to Chassel to catch the Copper County Limited.” Intertitle: “Some one finds a box of Krax.” Intertitle: “Aboard the Ann Rutledge across Illinois” End title: “THE END *** Vacation 1940”

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