[Howard Kane--home movies] Reel 22

Florida, United States
Virginia (?)
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NHF cataloguer's notes as follows. Can/reel/box annotations appear in quotes. Reel 22: (350 ft.) 'Florida 1931 #2.' 'South #2.' Rustic sign: Tarpon Springs Sponge Exchange.' Tarpon Springs sponge exchange largest in the world. Greek settlement in Florida. Divers suit on sponge diver. With bubble head. (20:01). Jumps off boat with air lines to boat. Diver surfaces. Walks with net in shallow area. Diver surfaces at edge of boat. Fishing boats in harbor. CU of boats rigging. Tower. People milling around in rain. Sign says. Gulf of Mexico 74 Miles. Atlantic Ocean 67 Miles. Giant stone cliffs with human figures carved out. Sign. We are glad to Welcome you to Monticello Tips and Gratuities of Any Kind are Prohibited Please help to enforce this rule. Foggy hillside views. Scenic turn out. People exiting building. Man comes close to camera and tips hat cemetery. Sign Tomb of Washington-Silence-Respect.

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