The Ladies Travel South, 1928--Edward Farrington Abbott--home movies. Reel 4

Tallahassee, Florida
New Orleans, Louisiana
Lewiston, Maine
New York
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'No. 4. Tallahassee, New Orleans, Miss. Riverboat to NY.'
NHF cataloguer's notes, 1/96: (7 min.) Tallahassee to Mississippi Delta. 'Tobacco planters.' Group in the distance. Pigs running along road. Herd of cattle. Men changing tire. New Orleans. Small houses along street. St. Charles Street. Capitol steamer, skyline of New Orleans in the distance. 'United Fruit Steamers.' Domino Sugar manufacturing/processing plant. Ship's water wheel. 'Large floating dry dock.' 'The finest grain elevator in the world.' Log jam. Ocean liners. Sailing to New York. Deck scenes, luggage. Building on wharf seen from ship. Two women speaking, gesturing to each other. Trail of smoke from another ship in the distance. Shots of levee. Lighthouse. 'Our river pilot leaves us for his ship.' Wayside Inn [Massachusetts]. Stone House. Waterwheel. 'Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Maine.' Bustling street scene.

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