[Albert Conley--home movies] Reel 48

Bethel, Yarmouth, Maine
Berlin, Groveton, Hampshire
Island Pond, Vermont
Ontario, Canada
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1938 – 1939
1929, 1938, 1939 edge codes on film. // Notes from film tag: 'Trip to Montreal and Toronto; Pictures taken at Saugus.' //
Woman at train station in Yarmouth. Grand Trunk Railway chalkboard departure/arrival sign. Locomotive approaching camera on railroad tracks. Footage taken from moving train. Passing Bethel train station. Pan of White Mountains. Berlin train station. Brief shot of Groveton train station. Pan of White Mountains. Pan of street and buildings. Island Pond train station. Woman standing beside passenger car of train. Snow falling on street. Church. Unidentified campus in snow. Footage of train station taken from rear of train as it pulls out of station. Shots from moving train. Passing Prescott train station. Passing freight train. Passing Brockville train station. Passing Napanee train station. Passing unidentified station. Passing Trenton Junction station. Power lines in front of large home. Exterior of Legislative Assembly of Ontario in Toronto. Intertitle: "Baby Bowser visits the home of his parents." St. Bernard dogs playing in snow. St. Bernard puppies. Litter of puppies. People restraining adult dogs in yard. More footage of St. Bernards playing. Color: group of people in yard. Woman sitting on rocky hillside.

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