[Howard Kane--home movies] Reel 20

Ohio, United States
New York
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NHF cataloguer's notes as follows. Can/reel/box annotations appear in quotes. Reel 20: (300 ft., dc 1930) 'Machias.' Flower garden. Woman and children in bathing suits on dock. Man rowing boat with two girls in bathing suits. Dangling feet in water on front. Women in summer dresses looking into camera. Woman holding wooden box. View overlooking ocean. Women and kids climbing in and out of rowboat. Swimming. One girl riding floatation toy. Man setting up a tripod to photograph group. Ocean is behind him. Large group of people on front porch of cottage. People wear name tags. Filming from boat. Islands. Homes. Boat called Evangeline. Fish. Cross Island Station [Machiasport]. US Coast Guard Station. Lighthouse. Fisherman. Crating up lobsters. Long views of beach front. The famous Hairpin Turn Store and Tea Room [Mohawk Trail]. Aerial footage. Night Line to New York Daily Service 9 p.m. CU of black car with black driver. (8:23). Drawbridge. Kids playing in car. CU to camera. Ferry. Cincinnati.

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