Tahiti to Fiji, 1937--Adelaide Pearson--home movies. Reel 2

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Can label: 'Tahiti to Fiji Stella Polaris 2 1937.'
A dance performance (possibly hula or otea), three women and one man performing, accompanied by guitars. Footage of dancers, slowed down. A man standing in the water, holding an oar with a line of fish. Men performing a dance on platforms. (Film changes to black and white) Men cutting grass with machetes. Men putting food in a cooking pit. (Film changes to color) Panning shot of shoreline. Dance performance. (Otea?) Panning shot of thatch roofed buildings. Shot of flowers. Procession of women wearing dresses and leis. Procession of people in traditional dress. A dance performance. (Film changes to black and white) Dance performance by male performers. Panning shot of thatch roofed buildings. A seated dance performance by child performers. (Film changes to color) Dance performance. [End of Reel]

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