[Forrest Colby--home movies] Reel 4

China, Asia
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circa 1932
Reel 5501 Date code on original 16mm film is 1934. Dalmatians with Joan (young girl) in garden. Swan house in Columbia Circle, Shanghai. Outdoor table with mother. Small boy in garden 02:57 gardener Four Chinese men pull lawn roller, one has rope behind. Dalmatian on lawn. 03:39 Table outdoors with mother and two children. Boy with Dalmatian and lawn furniture on patio. Other dogs. Fence with girl. Boy and Dalmatian. Boy in rattan chair with dog. Dog looks at camera. Boy wears tie, surrounded by dogs. Garden, pan of two people working in it and boy with basket near trellis. 05:24 Children running outdoors. Girls are in summer dresses, about 11 or 12 years old. Girls get in car. Maybe leaving school? Arrival at house gate, boys run from gate, cars are on other side of gate. Lawn with dog on it. More dogs and puppies 06:37 Polo grounds, people and horses. Children outfitted for riding, on horses. Teacher in white outfit with tie and jodhpurs. Audience in background while children ride in circle. Building behind crowd of people, some kind of club. Back at house, garden and outdoor table. Family eats from bowls. 08:45 pool in garden, two boys play with toy boat. Small boy on stone steps, next to jar. Runs to house, exterior of half-shingled house with portico. Boy outside at another view of house. Boy in garden running. Awning in garden. Two boys sit on lawn. 10:39 Chinese man digs weeds from lawn. Boys in garden with baskets. 10:59 three boys play with lawnmower, one pulls it with the rope as the other pushes. Rope technique seen earlier with Chinese men and lawn roller. 11:53 long view of half timbered house, awnings on all the windows. Children run toward camera. 12:22 boys look in large pot in garden, dogs come around. 12:52 View of driveway gate. Two household staff members open gate and car drives in. They close gate. 13:24 car arrives at front door. Girl walks in house, staff member closes door. Car pulls away to garage. Another view of closing screen door. Robed staff member at garage, girl (Joan) chases small brother, robed person, amah, in background. Joan walks away. 14:31 three ducks in garden pool. Woman in white dress tries to reach them. Boy watches. Woman carries small duck. 15:10 Children in garden. Dogs. Man in distant background digging weeds. Boy and dogs. Columbia Country Club, Shanghai: 16:55 pool, man in swimsuit with shoulder straps with boy in inner tube, many people in pool around them. Maybe this is John Swan? He holds boy up and lifts him out of the pool. Long shot of pool, diving board, road behind arcade. Fountain, people jump off side of pool. No Chinese people in pool. Children swimming, girls wear bathing caps. POV from diving board, child jumps in. Pan of pool with fountain in background. Pool is open air, view of sky over diving boards. Much diving. Children are look fit, not overweight. 20:13 pan of lawn, tennis courts, grass? Columbia Country Club also? 20:35 building with bicycle out front on lawn. Club? 20:51 horses running by field, man in foreground in coat and hat. Paper chase. Horses cross field under agriculture, plowed rows. Chinese man in foreground briefly. Building in far distance with trees. Many horses gallop by, jumping ditch as they come toward the camera. 23:13 Man in uniform stands next to small black horse. He has on riding boots, cap, jodhpurs. In the background, tiled very small building, then another shot with thatched building, horse barn behind. Men walking by with shoulder-carried baskets. Small Chinese child, man with stool. 24:03 Children play in yard with Chinese woman in black. 24:16 Girl walks out of gate, is helped onto white horse. Man in white jodhpurs helps her, another man has blanket on his shoulders. Two girls ride off down road toward camera. There are many electric lines along the road. Man accompanies them also on horseback. 24:52 three toddlers with amah in background. They walk holding hands toward French doors. They have on short coats and hats. Early spring? 25:24 Excursion into the countryside: pan of river. Group with baskets walks toward touring car, open car. Then people run along road. 25:33 pan of river with bridge, arched stone. Mountain in background. 25:44 driving along river, wood bridge with small buildings on it. Ditch alongside road. 26:01 frame building, white with timbers. View of watercraft with logs on it, men poling it. 26:21 village people, old woman talks to western woman in hat. Baby being held in foreground. Side of village building, stone foundation. Frame building by small river or canal. Car. Stone or brick archway, people come through it. Very elderly man looks at camera. 27:08 Tall pagoda? in background. 27:22 view from front of car, through village street, very small road, many people 27:33 pan of rural houses, thatched round structures, people standing at track crossroads, tile roofed structures, western woman walks along house, waves at camera. Waterway in foreground. 28:07 river, pans back the other way, small trees, woman walks along building, she wears a skirt, couple observes. 28:31 driving along canal or waterway at high speed. Speeding through village with people and chicken by side of road. 28:49 in countryside, people stopped to observe. Western man in hat waves at camera. He is on ground, reclining. Chinese boy turns and looks at camera. 29:14 Street entertainer, no shirt, belt and loose trousers. Holds fabric, Circle of people around him. He tosses a swordlike object high in the air. See signs hanging from shops when the camera looks up briefly. Observers are all wearing robes, not western clothing. 30:15 people have a variety of hats on including western hats--interesting survey of headgear. One of the performers wearing straw hat. Boy puts something under his nose, a string. 30:44 band. Various instruments. Man in straw hat addresses camera. 30:55 puppet show, people hand paper? to puppet. 31:15, magician does sleight of hand, things in and out of mouth. On top of head. Spits out object. He has a string, a piece of fabric. A cup. One man in background is smoking. Observers laugh. Children and older people in crowd. 32:20 Man passes with hanging baskets of food. Outdoor restaurant, steaming bowls. 32:35 man swings chain, he is wearing white shirt tied at middle. Same man with two swords crossed. Behind him doorway with characters. He performs with swords. Man wipes his face in background. Another performer has a decorated jacket, open. 33:29 food, woman walks by holding baby with pigtail. Small monkey. 33:42 end of reel. Donor notes said, “Hangchow 2, NY '34.” 33:48 Car from front. Chinese staff on stairs, western man enters car. Another shot, it drives toward camera leaving driveway. 34:13 Ferry on water, flags above. People standing on front of ferry. 34:28 ferry arrives 34:33 Ferry 33:44 view from boat to shore 34:53 inside ferry with car. Official on boat, formal hat. Arrival of ferry, Chinese woman in silk jacket 35:22 car drives off ferry. It has bundle tied on back. People walk off boat. 35:34 car drives in gate. Car is stopped, unpacking bedroll ? from back of car. Beating it to remove dust. 35:54 on road. People stand around. 36:06 CU of Chinese man looking at camera, other people, portraits. 36:21 “Grand Hotel?” sign on awning. Façade of hotel with upturned roof edge. 36:47 boat slowly paddles by with settee in it, covered roof, for tourists. Lake. Some more boats with sofas facing each other, all being paddled but with no passengers in them. Mountains in background. 37:22 hotel on lake with pleasure boats in foreground. Trees around front of hotel. Leisurely pan of hotel, nearby house, domed house further on. 38:07 on the road, people stand by car, Western and Chinese. 38:25 view of road, hills in background. House next to road with arched doorway. 38:40 water buffalo plowing, wall in background, dark shot. 38:53 reverse angle of man walking behind buffalo with switch. 39:04 view of road, pan slowly across landscape. 39:19 hills with water in front. 39:33 car approaches, family walks in front of car. Mats tied on running boards. Boy in roadway eating something. View of small bridge, small and utilitarian, the road is on some kind of raised dyke or levee. House by side of road. 40:38 arched bridge in middle ground, village behind and hills behind that. View of arched bridge, large tree. 40:56 man with baskets walks. Children stand on bridge. 41:04 boat in river. 41:16 pan of car, very small ferry arrives. One wooden platform. Great view of car getting on ferry. Man poling across river, boy in ferry. 41:47 Other boats, car drives off ferry. Family on shore. 42:08 large pig in ditch. 42:14 boats by road 42:23, approaching ferry on stony road. CU of car 42:35 On the boat, Chinese children. 42:51 CU men on boat looking at camera, they have poles. Stony banks. Women with poles pushing ferry off. Wood planks for boarding. Rowing across river with single poles. Another boat in the river with woven cover. Pole on bow. 43:50 Car approaches land, planks are adjusted to drive off. Hillside in background. 44:18 car drives up hill away from river. Family in road, young boy walks. View of river, hill. Children hang off running boards. 44:49 Crowd around car. Bus? In right side of frame. 44:59 man looks at camera, he is very strong, eating something, no shirt on. 45:11 In town, boys run and make fun of cameraman. Much interaction with camera. 45:47 View of river, boats, town on other side. Cow? In foreground. 46:06 Walking onto a small boat by plank. Walking on next plank to another boat. 46:14 Inside ferry, man with fire. Poling boat. 47:11 town along river. Stairs from river. Building at top of stairs with lots of signs. Dark shots. 48:35 View of boat from above (still dark) Stairs, man ascends with shoulder baskets other activities. Many people, pan across them. On boat Western family at small table with signs behind them. Mother smoking a cigarette. On boat, longer shot of same scene. 49:33 poling the boat. Boat passes camera, woman with long bamboo pole. Laundry behind her. 50:07 View of river, several boats. Boat from above. Boat with signs. Boy kicks one of two women. 51:25 arriving at a town 51:35 very small raft ferry. People stepping off boat. Carrying baskets and rolled mats and gear. 52:13 end of reel.
Label on film: 'Hangchow, Lianchi First Part Street Scenes.' // Date from edge code on film. // Fox hunt or steeple chase and other horse scenes. Children in yard. Shots of river from moving car. Village people and boats on canal. Moving shot of driving through town. Street acrobat, puppet show, sword act. Donor notes said: “Hangchow, Lianchi First Part Street Scenes.” ca. 1932

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