[unidentified--home movies] Reel 7

Providence, Rhode Island
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1935 – 1936
Label on can: 'Reel 33.' // Film has 1935 and 1936 edge codes. // Intertitle: 'CHILDREN September 1935.' Little girl and baby with cat on lawn. Three bigger kids join them. 'COWBOYS with DONNY BOY and DANDY.' Magenta-tinted footage: Two girls in western attire ride ponies. Girl holds two bunnies, then lies in field with three chickens. 'LOCUST VALLEY FARM June 1936.' Two girls in overalls enter rowboat while woman watches from dock. Same woman and big dog walk on path. Dog jumps back and forth over yard fence. Girls and dog on bridge in woods by stream. A bird (woodpecker?) pokes head in hole of tree trunk. 'CHINESE PAGEANT. Mary C. Wheeler School (likely Wheeler School in Providence, RI). June 1936.' Very faded color: Dozens in traditional dress dance in field. Other theatrics. Cuts to black and white footage of same event. 'The Curtiss's and Mummie having tea after the performance.' Two women have tea, man offers them cigarettes, he lights one for himself. 'MICHAEL in the garden. July 1936.' Faded color: Boy in green bathing suit fills wading pool from hose with two older girls. Boy gets in pool and plays with toy boats. Dog watches. Same boy in red bathing suit and white hat waters garden with hose. 'CRUISE on 'TRADITION' 1936.'' 'RUGOSA II' passes us on way to Newport.' Sailboat on open sea gets closer with successive shots. Very faded color: Family on boat. Waiter brings sandwiches. One of the little girls at the helm. Girls take turns climbing mast. 'HOME AGAIN.' Girls ride ponies in yard. 'DEDHAM GYMKANA 1936.' Costumed people ride horses, ponies and donkeys. 'SNAPSHOTS taken by NANCY.' Four still photos of family members. - SS

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