[Albert Conley--home movies] Reel 44

Chicago, Illinois
Amherst, Florida, Williamstown, Massachusetts
Franconia, Hanover, Hampshire
Buffalo, Petersburg, Utica, West Point, New York
Montpelier, Vermont
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circa 1933
1933 edge code on film. // Notes from film tags: 'Dartmouth; Mohawk Trail; Barge Canal; Century of Progress Exhibition; West Point (NY); titles are reversed' // Sign: ìPrivate Grounds of Dartmouth College. Tuck Drive.î Dartmouth campus. Distant shot of White Mountains. Students playing tennis. Football stadium/field at Dartmouth. Footage taken from car of forests. More campus. Route 2 road sign. Amherst Savings Bank sign. Route 116 road sign. Massachusetts State College sign. Route 5 road sign. Sign for the Mohawk Trail in Greenfield with Indian head at top. Train. Footage taken from car of the Mohawk Trail. Hoosac Tunnel sign. Scenery. Railroad bridge over river. East portal of the Hoosac Tunnel in Florida, MA. Whitcomb Summit sign. Observation tower. Scenic pans of Berkshires. State line marker in between Williamstown and Petersburg. New York State Canal System billboard. Footage of Lock 19 in operation on the Erie Canal in Utica. Intertitle: ìThe Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago, Illinois.î Woman in front of dinosaur exhibit. Sign for Sinclair Dinosaur Exhibit. Footage of moving dinosaur models. Blimp in sky. Shots of the fair. Sleek automobile on display. Sign reads ìTo Peace Bridge.î Pan of Peace Bridge over the Niagara River. Automobile with 1933 Maine license plate. Footage of Lake Champlain from on board ship. Man balancing on top of highway guardrail. Exterior of Vermont State House building. Distant shot of the Old Man of the Mountain. New York State Highway road sign. Sign to Military Academy at West Point. Bear Mountain Bridge over the Hudson River. Cadets marching in uniform at United States Military Academy. Battle Monument on the campus. Woman and man stand at base of Monument. Storm King Highway road sign. Driving along the Hudson River on Storm King Highway. // Note: Whitcomb Summit is the highest point on the Mohawk Trail. // Note: The Century of Progress Exposition refers to the Chicago World's Fair in 1933-1934.

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