"James Russell Wiggins" with Charles Kuralt, CBS, January 22, 1982, aired, and out-takes.

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NHF Tape 1. 'Charles Kuralt, CBS, Wiggins Show, Takes, Jan 22 1982, Edited and Unedited'
The 60 minutes of video has three parts. Part I: 1:00 is the broadcast version of a Charles Kuralt piece as aired and includes soundbite from a resident of Maine describing why James Russell Wiggins will never be a true Mainer (he wasn't born here, so he'll never make it); 1:30 and a quote of respect from President Lyndon B. Johnson; These are both repeated in Part 2 at about 12:00 into the video; 2:00-4:00 There are also extensive soundbites from Wiggins about his philosophies of politics and human nature early in the piece; 5:30 How he became known as the Lion of Ellsworth for his editorials; 6:30 There is discussion of his efforts to fight the Teamsters Union; 8:00 His self-mockery and love of sailing -- "Publisher goes aground" and "The Amity"; 9:00 There is a voice-over of Wiggins reading one of his poems while he drives through the Maine countryside on a wintry day. Part 2 begins at about 10:30. It is much the same with a few additions of more local residents soundbites; Part 3 begins at about 20:00 with presses running, a Goss Community, and the day's edition headlined "Black Hawk Mine Now Up for Sale"; 26:00 Wiggins is in a news meeting with his staff; "Blind in one and can't see out of the other"; 38:00 Wiggins at his typewriter with staff around him; 41:00 Wiggins goes to lunch at the nearby coffee shop; 46:00 Wiggins stops in at Beals and other shops in Ellsworth to chat 53:00 Shots of house and snow-covered landscape

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