[Ernest G. Stillman--home movies] Reel 003

Mount Desert Island area, Maine
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Can notes as follows; reel numbers are donor-assigned. Reel 3: Manset, travel. Fish pier, etc.
[Note: Reel 3 is the same as Reel 12. --karan sheldon 13 Aug 2013] Intertitle: "Products of Duck Island" Seagull in water, more seagulls come to eat dead fish. CU seagull on rock. Intertitle: "From Great Duck" Cartoon of flying duck Intertitle: "Big Cranberry" Man in dory rowing while standing. View of boat yard from moving boat in water. Various docks hauled. Views from the water. Seagull sitting on end of long red navigational buoy. Intertitle: "The spruce lined shore" Views of shore from boat Intertitle: "Cranberry: The Enchanted Isle" cartoon of hula dancers and sailor with pipe sitting then climbing a palm tree. Intertitle: "In Cranberry Pool" undersea view, b&w, probably purchased footage. Intertitle: "Old and New Architecture" From water, large house above with turret, pavilion down nearer shore. Flagpole, large summer house on point. Another house, lower down, two stories, various decks. Other houses right on the shore, some one story, midcentury style. Dock with boathouse, sailboat in front. With 16mm could read the sign on the dockhouse. Small boats on dock. Intertitle: "The venerable Allen Smith: he saw Blue Hill float from Pretty Marsh" Man in suspenders. Has a clapboard house behind him with cactus. Intertitle: "Fish weir" view from water, moving, weir is in distance, approach, see vertical sticks, then larger enclosure. Men in dory behind weir. Intertitle: "Future sardines" Fishing boat in distance. Point of land with beach. Seagulls on water. Boat "King Fisher" painted on hull. Shoveling salt into hold. Man in souwester hat hauls up sardines in net, dumps them into hold. Men in dory watch as fish are bailed up from their net and loaded into hold. Views of fish flipping in net. Big pile of salt being shoveled onto fish that have filled the hull. Huge net full of fish opened into hull. Multiple shots. Bags of salt being opened. At least ten bags (50 lbs?) in a pile. Thousands of herring loaded in. Five men in dory haul net. Calm day, seagulls in background. View of dock area, pan of fishing boats, one very loaded, low waterline. CU man in sou'wester standing in hold knee deep in fish. Bucket is hauled up overhead into dock house. Bucket has holes in bottom to drain water out; comes down again, man steps on it to load it. His sou'wester heat is covered in scales. Two packages, one cardboard box Billow Brand, American Sardines in Oil by Addison Packing Company, Southwest Harbor, Maine; the other a sardine tin, same text, more ornate, with Billow Brand American Sardines in salad oil made from soy bean oil, packed by Addison Packing Co., Southwest Harbor, Maine. Sunset on ocean.

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