[Mahlon Walsh--home movies] Reel 6

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Family footage, especially of Sally Walsh through age approx. 9 years old. NHF cataloguer's notes, 2/96: (25 min.) Christmas morning. Tricycle. Girl grinning with Christmas stocking. Speaking to camera, singing. With chalkboard. Putting hat on an apple. Mechanical toy. Birthday cake with four candles. Girl cuts cake, holds up African American baby doll. Girl on floor changing doll. Playing with toy stove (lighting from side). Shot from below MS of girl looking to left and pointing, shot held a few moments. Girl holds up new clothes, ruffled shirt and pink sweater, to her chest. Points to top of Christmas tree. Toys. CU of dog looking at camera. Girl handling play guitar. Throws it. Holds skier doll. (out of focus segment with various toys) CU of girl about 5 or 6? Birthday party. Children pouting. Knife, center of frame, cuts into cake, which is not in frame. Children in background. Children eating, gazing at camera. Girl in ruffles chewing gum. Boy in plaid swimsuit speaking. Girl in slip sliding in mud. Birthday shots, oddly cropped frames). Repeated views of boy in knit suspender-type swimsuit standing on rocks, also woman bending through the frame. Girls blinking hard and laughing in slips. Beach balls. Girl with only a towel, shivering. Extreme CU. Girl's left eye in focus. African American doll face, Sally in background. Blankets coming in front of camera. Girl's chin, nose. Mouth and hat brim. Half of girl's face with clown puppet waving across frames. Girl winking. Girl pensive, looking directly at camera. Blowing toy trumpet. Summer. Girl on bike. Working to get kickstand down. Posed shots: Girl next to bike, laying on picnic table. Dancing on table. Jumps into woman's arms. Mid distance shot. Children on grass. Squinting at camera. Boy slouching, makes big grimace. Games in a field. Another birthday party. LS of children holding hands in a ring. Dog enters ring. Girl diving off dock, 7 or 8 years old, swims out to raft. Stands on corner of raft in distance, raft sinks. Girl starts motorboat, hands out of frame. Brushes hair back (girl now boyish, heavier and sturdier that in previous shots). Group of children. Petting dog. Autumn: Sally riding bike. Girls climbing on to low peaked roof, in pants and jeans. Girl swings legs over roof, grins at camera. Girls piggy backing. Girl on bike riding toward camera. Girls playing leap frog. Girls wrestling. Girl helped into headstand. Girls doing cartwheels, some with difficulty yet energetically.

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