No Indian to Guide Them, or What Is It a Kemp?

Lake Placid, New York
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Home drama with titles. Begins with a CU intro of fourteen Davises in a small boat. One of the girls falls overboard and is saved. A woman drops her jewels overboard. Family disembarks. Clue on a piece of paper. Family sets out in boat with shovels, saws, axes, etc. Quarrel with another family. Find a deed. Titles include: 'No Indian to Guide Them, or What is it, a Kemp? Rotten by Margie Weinberg, Drekded by Mike Davis, Dialogue (Cuss Words) by Hilda Davis.' 'Shot at Lake Placid July 22nd, Ten Years After Prohibition.' 'Introducing the Neuritis Family and the Fourteen Musical Davises, Who Have Rented Camps at Lake Placid for the Summer.'

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