The east shore of Lake Superior--Dassler family--home movies. Reels 9-10

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NHF cataloguer's notes, 2/96 for Reels 9 and 10: Family aboard cabin cruiser, including spaniel dog; panoramic footage of wooded hills along shoreline; boy rowing boat on calm water with dog perched in bow; boy rows alongside cabin cruiser; cabin cruiser with hilly, wooded shoreline in background; steam locomotive pulls train across frame in background; family eating a meal aboard cabin cruiser (medium shots of family members, camera angle is above the subjects); Dassler family goes ashore to visit a native American (Ojibwa?) reservation schoolhouse; schoolhouse with the adjacent river and wooded hills forming the background; children at the school interact with Dassler family members (mother and young adult daughter); native American children stand in a row to be photographed, each holding an example of hand-craft work, i.e. a model canoe, a birch basket, an infant carrying pack, snowshoes (medium shots of children); whitewater river rapids; Native American reservation; older Native American couple at campsite for processing basket making materials; pole structure designed for steaming basket materials; bay waters and wooded hills form background; Native American man transporting lumber via canoe; formations (mostly sedimentary) forming shoreline; boy sails small sailing skiff across open bay with wooded shoreline in background; middle aged man trout fishing along wooded stream and close-up of the catch; meal aboard cabin cruiser;close-ups of wildflowers and blueberries; panoramic views of wooded hills and lake bays; spaniel dog with wooded hills in background; freight barge at anchor in bay; elevated rail trestle under construction at shoreline (for cargo purposes); building facades; a general store in small coastal village; three small girls walking along dock; young woman at stern of cabin cruiser, holding spaniel dog and smoking cigarette with ship's flag at her side; freighter being pulled by steam tug; one/two person sail boat on open water with wooded shore in background; reel ends with family's residential home; stone facades, slate roof w/tower dormer; family dog at play in front of house and in kitchen.

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