[Norwood Movie Queen]

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Views of the Norwood Central Railroad station; men stand outside the station. A train comes down the track toward and by the camera. The "Movie Queen" exits the train, is given flowers, and her male companion smokes a cigar. She moves through the crowd to an open car. Film was shot in early spring, so people are wearing heavy coats. The car becomes part of a parade down the street, with a band, fire trucks, Boy Scouts, many cars (all with 1935 license plates) and a banner "Rotary Club Norwood Mass". Many vehicles representing local businesses are also in the parade, including Norwood Laundry Co.; DeRoma Bros. Electric Shop; Whittemore's Coal, Fuel Oils, Coke; Norwood Lumber Co.; Gay Farm. The American Legion band at main intersection of town passes Standard Auto Gear Co. Fire truck followed by the Movie Queen, the Rotary banner and Boy Scouts. The Queen greets the mayor, who gives her a key to the city. General crowd shots, and fire trucks and ambulance leaving the firehouse passing by camera. Intertitle: "Movie Queen Visits Sunday Church-goers" LS people exiting church on Easter Sunday, April 21, 1935, descending steps, walking toward camera. We see many faces. Sign: "First Congregational Church, Rev. William F. English, Jr. Easter Sermon: 'The Faith That Overcometh' . Special Easter Music." View of sign at another church: "United Church (Inter-Denominational). Rev. F.O. Ensley. Church School, Morning Service." Views of ushers by door, people exiting church, down steps toward camera. View of Grace Church and its sign, people exiting. Choir in robes walking toward the church, minister by the door. People exit the door at yet another church, parishioners carry Easter lilies out of church. The Movie Queen is not seen in any of these sequences. Intertitle: "Movie Queen Greets Old Friends Who Congratulate Her" The "Movie Queen" visits Norwood Clothing Co., Elite Beauty Shop, Sullivan's Clothier, and Orent Brothers men's clothing and greets owners and staffs at the door of each. Intertitle: "Next Reel Will Follow Immediately" The Movie Queen walks out of a store wearing a new checked coat, then shakes hands with proprietor. She shakes hands with the proprietors and staffs of Norwood Hardware & Supply, Kleps Auto Electric Service, DeRoma Bros. Electric Shop, Chas. A. Wragg & Co., which sells boots, and Enna Jettick, a woman's shoe store. At Sam's Sells for Less Auto Supplies/Hardware/Sporting Goods/Electrical Supplies she is given a large key. She then visits Regans Shoe Company, which advertises Florsheim shoes; Humphrey's Market, where butcher specials are advertised in the window; and Harriott's Jeweler/Optometrist where she is presented with a corsage; and Landry's Barber Shop/Jack's Taxi Service and Greyhound Bus Terminal; Dreyfus & White Fruits and Vegetables; Russell's Drugs; Olson & Lepper Chevrolet dealer; M&Q Tire Co.; A.F. Brown Co. druggists; Edward A. Flaherty Men's Shop; Dutchland Farms Ice Cream; and Simoni Bros. Florists, where she looks through the greenhouse. There are views of the North Walpole Greenhouses Florist where people work with flowers, South End Hardware, pans of the Arthur J. Forrest Colonial Esso Service & Forrest's Filling Station; views of a serviceman filling up a car at the Shell Filling Station; John Whittemore's Sons Coal yard, where trucks drive out of the yard; Beaver Coal Co. where a truck drives off, and a Sears Roebuck & Co. window display. The Movie Queen is not featured in these views. The Movie Queen visits the Norwood Trust Co. bank, the Modern Dairy where she is presented with a bottle of milk and cream and a spoon, Morin's Market, W.T.Grant 5&10 Cent Store, T.F. Riley Refrigerators, Norwood Gas Co., Keating Market; Nesson's Dept. Stores, Norwood Furniture, Furlong's Cloverleaf Ice Cream, Baker's Dress Goods Shop, Town Square Hardware & Supply, Neponset Valley Farm Dairy Products, W.H. Brown's Sheet Metal Work, and G.F. Howe Jewelry Company. Intertitle: "Next Reel Follows Immediately" Views of the Norwood Press newspaper, Norwood Laundry, people walking on sidewalk after work, F.A. Fales feeds, J.A. Morin Ford Sales & Service, 1930s cars leaving a filling station, Barrett's Ice & Oil, Norwood Messenger newspaper, J.E. Bamber Builder. Pan the hanger of the E.W. Wiggins Airways, Inc., and airplane on the field, and a plane landing and taxiing. Shaky shots over forest fire from the plane. Views of the E.B. Pendergrast grocers, Shanghai American and Chinese Restaurant, and Norwood Lumber Co.. Views of a baseball game in the town park. views of A.K. Neviackas Real Estate, Insurance, Norwood Motor Sales Dodge & Plymouth. At Norwood Hospital, a long line of nurses and doctors exit the building, shots of Norwood Dairy (L.F. Bateman). The Norwood baseball team poses in front of bleachers. Intertitle: " Hail, The Movie Queen! Give Her a Hand!" total length 48:05
According to articles in the Norwood newspaper 'The Messenger', (housed at the Morrill Memorial Library) Doris Hamel was the director of the Norwood Movie Queen.

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