[Henry Sturgis Dennison--home movies] Reel 49

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Label: 'Dobsis Summer 28.'
DVD slate: Dobsis Summer 1928. b&w: Young people in lake roll logs, using sticks to stabilize themselves. They fall off. Eventually they are successful in standing up and poling along. Various views of balancing. Jumping and diving. Two boys pretend to fight and then fall backwards off dock. Man in checked shirt and suspenders surrounded by young people. On the river, canoes in white water, poling. Following a canoe down white water. Then watching boat approach with two young boys in it. Man with pipe. Boys paddling, another boat with a paddler in the stern and a young woman in the bow not paddling. More white water. Canoe on lake. Boy holding onto rope in water, throwing something, maybe things came out of canoe? Paddlers, one with pipe. Excursion arrives at a sandy peach. Canoes unloaded. Last shot, muzzle of gun.

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