Nequasset Bridge--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 26

Woolwich, Maine
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1956 – 1957
Title, 'Nequasset Bridge is on new location of Route 1 near the famous ship-building city of Bath.' View of bridge. Lumber piled up in snow, shoveling machine moving through snow. Various shots of land surrounding bridge. Rocks being hauled away. CU of material list. Pilings being loaded and sunk. Surveyors in action. Good MS of men and machinery, brace piles being driven in. Abutments put in place and fill-dirt trucked in. Bulldozers moving rocks. Stream being dredged. Numerous scenes of bridge-building under way. Traffic zooms by the workers. Concrete being poured. Lumber being cut. Pier caps being placed on top of pilings. Good view of framework. Fresh concrete being poured and smoothed. Equipment being rolled down plankway. Views of unfinished bridge, girders arrive and are set in place. A truck has 'Walter V. Mitton' on side. Boat goes under bridge. Sidewalk on bridge being constructed. The finished bridge with traffic on it.

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