[Carlene Harmon--home movies] Tape 2

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'1997 Family and Museum.' Amateur footage of family members and of East Orland museum of collectibles founded by Carlene Harmon's father.
Title card: ‘Family & Museum in East Orland 1997’. Shot of the decorated outside of a garage that doubles as a museum. A house. Carl Powers and another man exit the museum with a dog. A panning shot of the street and houses. The two men contemplating the yard and a flowering tree. A sapling in the grass. Mailboxes, including one for the Bangor Daily News. A sign for ‘C. Powers’. A flowering shrub. The two men inside the museum, discussing the items. Close up of a marriage certificate. Tools. Artifacts on a peg board. Figurines. The men discussing the objects. A rack of bells. Outside shot of the museum and yard. [End of Reel]

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