Africa Trip #6, circa 1959--Lillian Edwards--home movies. Reel 6

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circa 1959
Last Part Africa Trip #6
A herd of goats. A man in uniform chasing the herd of goats. People washing clothes on the shore. Shot of a town from the air. A herd of cows. People on horseback seen in the distance, with the tip of an airplane wing in the foreground. A herd of animals seen from the air. More towns and landscape seen from the airplane window. Shot of a street with people, cars and bicycles. Shot follows a horse drawn cart. Market stalls. People walking down the street carrying bundles on their heads. Close up of a sign on a building that reads: ‘CHEMIN DE FER DE DAKAR AU NIGER’. (French: Railway from Dakar to Niger) People outside the train station. A man pushing a cart full of sacks. Women in the market. A person with a sewing machine. A man carrying four boxes on his head. A policeman directing traffic. The street intersection from various angles. Shot of a statue, panning to a park. People and cars on the road. Children outside a large stone building. Two men talking. People walking and biking up the road. A man in shorts and socks carrying a camera walks towards the camera and waves. [End of Reel]

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