[Lloyd B. Hayes--home movies] Reel 2

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Footage of young boy and woman exploring a broken-down shack. A shot of them standing on the rocks on Baker’s Island, ME, near the water and a few shots of the water splashing on the rocks. A shot of the rocky coastline with the woman standing next to the boy, who is sitting on a rock. A shot of the boy and woman in a motor boat towing a dingy. Two shots of the boy waving his arms in the dingy as the woman watches. A shot of the boy in hiking gear approaching a house and being greeted by a woman on the porch. A man pushes the boy around in a wheelbarrow. Shots of several sailboats and a shot of the surrounding islands. Footage of two boys and Rachel Millard hiking a trail and climbing rocks including a shot of them sitting and admiring the view of the surrounding islands.

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