Snow plowing, rivers and travel--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 19

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1948 – 1952
Title, 'Muse Grams, 1948' with Maine state seal; Title, 'Oscar 1 1/2 h.p., 1 dog starter,' man and dog near small lawnmower-sized snowplow. Titles: 'February 14, 1948,' 'February 29, 1948,' 'March 8, 1948,' all three show man plowing his driveway with small plow, and dog running around. Plow says "The Clinton" on it. Title, 'Spring is Here,' bird on lawn. Title, 'May 19, 1948 Kennebec High Water,' shows small dam, flooded, car driving past flooded river, drowned vegetation. Car drives in Augusta along river. Title, 'Spring Glory of the Androscoggin at Brunswick,' small wide waterfall with buildings in background, looking up at waterfall and buildings from downstream. Title, 'May 23, 1948 K. of C. at Augusta,' marching band, parade of men in suits and ties. Title, 'Hospitality and Beauty with the Riddles, Heath, Massachusetts,' 5 people standing around a tree in yard, view of wooded landscape from high vantage point, CU man drinking, flowers, field, people in chairs in yard. Title, 'Allagash Bridge built by Walter V. Mitton Inc., Augusta, Maine, 1944,' boat going by on river, bridge with cars driving over it. Title, 'Washington D.C. 1948,' woman packing clothes and jewelry, dissolve to train. Title, 'That we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain,' woman standing in front of statue of Lincoln, the exterior of the Lincoln Memorial, woman standing in front of Washington Monument. Title, 'Tomb of the Unknown Soldier,' changing of the guard of tomb while people watch; Title, '22 Miles from Washington,' Mt. Vernon estate. Mrs. Mitton in hat looks about. Title, 'Ice Follies in Gardiner Maine,' horses with sulkies racing on snow-covered track (harness racing). Title, 'April 22, 1950 Spring Rains and melting snow makes Cushnoc dam look very low,' dam with river flowing over it. [Is the Cushnoc Dam the Edwards Dam in Augusta?] Title, '1949 Chocorua,' trees, lake and mountain. Title, 'The Androscoggin Camera Club Gets a Quacking Reception at Mellie Dunham Farm, Norway,' car drives down tree-lined street, briefly man walks with camera and tripod. Man feeding ducks and geese. CU duck, women walk by trees. Man with camera. [The Androscoggin Camera Club was founded in 1931; article in Lewiston Daily Sun, October 27, 1932 and other citations discuss still photography and the work of men and women members.] Title, 'Snack Bar at Andover,' few people standing outside stone building; Title, '1950 Easter Parade Augusta Maine,' color. Men, women and children walking by, cars, church. Title, 'Romeo and Juliet 1951,' table, barn, man standing on chair, lady leans over balcony on barn while a man stands underneath and strums a deck chair? Title, 'Maranacook Lake Annual Outboard Races 1952,' four boats speeding by camera, boats lined up on shore and tied to dock, crowd of spectators on shore. Title, '1952 Easter Parade Augusta Maine,' cars on street in front of church, people walking out of church and parading down street.

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