New York World's Fair, 1939--George E. Haskins--home movies. Reel 4

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New York World's Fair, 1939--George E. Haskins--home movies. Reel 4Credit:

Credit: George E. Haskins home movies, Robert Decker Collection, Northeast Historic Film.

Credit: George E. Haskins home movies. "New York World's Fair, 1939." 8 mm. film. From the Robert Decker Collection at Northeast Historic Film. MP4 video, 14:07.
Color home movie footage of a family visit to the 1939 New York World's Fair, edited together with black-and-white scenes from a souvenir print.
The black-and-white footage at the head of the reel, including scenes of the fair on opening day, is excerpted from the Official Home Movies of the New York World's Fair, a commercial souvenir film produced by the Official Motion Picture Photographers of the New York World's Fair. The amateur color footage begins with the Long Island Railroad Station. Among the fair attractions and activities depicted are the United States Federal Building; the Theme Center; the Communications Building; views of the fairgrounds taken from the Helicline; the Medicine and Public Health Building; the American Telephone and Telegraph Company Building; the Eastman Kodak Company Building, including scenes of women and children posing with the photo sets; a long sequence of Billy Rose's Aquacade; Futurama ride views; the General Motors Building; the Chrysler Motors Building; the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company Building; the Ford Motor Company Building; the Railroad exhibit; the Parachute Jump and views taken from the ride; the National Cash Register Company building; the Consolidated Edison Building; the Electric Utilities Building; the Glass Incorporated building; the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Pavilion; the Court of States, including the Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maine buildings; and the evening fireworks over Fountain Lake.

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