New York World's Fair, 1940--Dassler family--home movies. Reel 13

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New York World's Fair, 1940--Dassler family--home movies. Reel 13Credit:

Credit: Lee Dassler Collection, Northeast Historic Film.

Credit: Dassler family home movies. "New York World's Fair, 1940." 8 mm. film. From the Lee Dassler Collection at Northeast Historic Film, Bucksport, ME. MP4 video, 10:15.
Shot in black-and-white and color, this home movie records a visit by the Dasslers during the final month of the 1940 New York World's Fair, scenes of Times Square at night, and two football games.
In black-and-white, footage shot on a cool, wet day, beginning with crowds entering the main New York World's Fair grounds through the Amusement Zone, near the Home Furnishings Building. A sign is posted reading "You have only 30 days left to see the Fair." This section includes footage of the Long Island Railroad station; the entrance to the Communications Zone; the Theme Center; the "Seven Ages of Man and the Bell System" mural on the American Telephone and Telegraph Company Building; miniature remote-control motorboats; a signboard of Fair events; the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company Building; participants in an interactive General Electric television exhibit; the General Electric Company Building; and the United States Steel Subsidiaries Building. In color, the New York World's Fair footage continues with night shots of the fireworks and illuminated fountains at Fountain Lake. A shot of the Subway entrance is followed by night scenes at Times Square, "All Swiss Army Leaves Cancelled..." on the electric news crawl. In black-and-white, two separate football games are depicted at length, identified in donor notes as "Webster vs. Normandy" and "Webster vs. Kirkwood."

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