Gilley, Portrait of a Bird Carver

Southwest Harbor, Maine
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Documentary: Biography of Wendell Gilley, bird carver. He narrates. Ducks swimming near rocks. Gilley sits and talks among his carving with young female interviewer. Fire going in fireplace. Exterior shots of Wendell Gilley Museum. Norwood Contractor and Builder sign. Partially constructed museum. Southwest Harbor post office. Wooden boatbuilding. Lobster boats and traps. Water pump. Lengthy shot of lobster boat crusing through bay. Pier. Gilley Plumbing Company. Power boat. Sailboats. House and studio. Studio interior. Gilley. Stuffed owl. Other stuffed birds. Carvings. Carved pheasant. Gilley working on carving. CU of live owl. Loon carving. Eagle carving. Bird books, carving tools. Carved duck. Live ducks flying and swimming. Baby birds in nest. Back to museum. Carving heads. Carved heron. Carved grouse or pheasant.

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