[Nice, North Africa] Reel 1

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late 1920s - late 1930s
Title, 'Nice from the sea.' Water, hillside. Title, 'Nice, Promenade des Anglais.' People at tables. Title, 'Herald of the Carnival, Nice.' More such titles. Stable shots, no CUs, relatively generic. Marseilles. Title, 'Street Scene in Algeria,' 'Across the Sahara,' etc.
Title card with the still image of a man and woman standing near trees: 'Nice from the sea'. Panning shot of Nice shoreline, seen from the water. Shot of the beach. The Jetée-Promenade de Nice. Intertitle: 'Nice Promenade des Anglais'. People seated at an outdoor café. Shots of the promenade and pier. Intertitle: 'Herald of the Carnival Nice'. A group of people in costume on horseback, one reading a proclamation to a crowd, with the pier in the background. Intertitle: 'Battle of the flowers Nice'. A parade of men with musical instruments and banners. Women on horseback throwing flower bouquets. Horse drawn carriages decorated with flowers. Floats decorated with flowers. Intertitle: 'Races at Cannes.' Men leading horses past a crowd. Various shots of a horse race. (Steeplechase) Intertitle: 'Folk dancing peculiar to the Alps Maritimes.' A man carrying a banner. Parade of men with guns and drums, and women in traditional dress. Women dancing around a pole with ribbons (similar to a maypole dance). Women dancing in a line. Women dancing in pairs. A group of men dancing. Intertitle: 'Marseille’s Harbor with Monte Cristo’s Island.' Panning shot of the islands and the Bay of Marseille. (The Île d’If and Château d’If, featured in ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ by Alexandre Dumas.) Marseille, seen from the water. Intertitle: 'Street scenes in Algeria.' Various shots of people on the street. Close ups of children. A man winnowing grain with his feet. A group of seated men. Men playing a tile-based game on the street. A woman sorting through a pile of vegetables. A tailor working on a street corner. Shots of the market. Intertitle: 'Across the Sahara.' Shot of a desert building, people, camels and palm trees. (caravanserai?) A group of people seated next to a tent. Shot of camels. A herd of sheep. Intertitle: 'Desert well'. Three men filling water skins from a well. People riding camels. Intertitle: 'Ourgla Farthest south across the Sahara.' Girls seated along a wall. A nun in a white habit with a cross. A girl carding wool. A girl sewing. Close up of a toddler on the street. Camels carrying wood. Various shots of people on the street. Men praying. Intertitle: 'Ghadaia, the stronghold of the Mazabites'. (also spelled Ghardaïa, Mozabites) A woman using a donkey to draw water from a well. Shot of people on the street. Various market stalls. A group of tailors. Intertitle: 'The Oulid Nails: Dancers of the Desert'. (Ouled Naïl) A woman dancing while men play a drum and flute. Two women dancing. Close up of a dancer. The two dancers talking and posing for the camera. Intertitle: 'American missionaries bring innocent fun to little girls'. Missionary woman and girls playing with a cloth ball. Close up of the girls sitting in a line. Missionary walking with girls. Close up of a girl with a baby on her back. Children gathered outside a building. The children pose for the camera, performing hand gestures. Cut to a boy standing on a hill. The missionary and girls playing a different game, while girls in background throw sand at each other. [End of Part 1] [End of Reel]

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