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circa 1930
Slapstick comedy with intertitles. Very loose plot. Title: 'Hazel Sruggs-reads love stories in a hammock and neglects chores.' Hazel in hammock reading, man fishing (Basil de Poorfish). Title: 'Ima Blimp-on a diet, six meals a day, falling away to a ton.' Dog pulls on hammock rope, Hazel falls off. Ima helps her. Basil catches hook on Ima's dress, pulling it off. Title: 'The ship Whitesox-Captain Tootenville'; Basil and Hazel are discussing marriage on deck. Slapstick fighting on the boat, and then on shore. Hazel writes a letter to Basil telling him that her father (Captain Tootenville) is making her sail away with him the next day, meanwhile, Muddy Rep tells the crew that he knows where Captain Tootenville hides his money. Hazel shoots her letter to Basil on an arrow. The captain is guarding Hazel's house, making sure she doesn't escape. Basil gets past the captain, then he and the captain fight; cartoon of Hazel being shoved in a barrel and floating out to the ship.(Cont'd on film db 7340)

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