This Land: The Story of a Community Land Trust and a Co-Op Called H.O.M.E.

Orland, Maine
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Documentary about land co-op organization in Orland, Hancock County, Maine. NHF cataloguer's notes, 11/94: Discussion of land price inflation and emigration of native mainers due to no jobs, expensive housing. Scenes of Maine shacks. Land owned by people 'from away.' No jobs for youths. Scene of Bucksport paper mill [Champion International] and lumber workers. Discussion of lack of economic opportunities in Maine. people developing a pasture with horse power to make room for barn and stables. Creation of H.O.M.E., doing all the jobs of wood from cutting to furniture to buildings, creating jobs. Raising sheep for wool and meat, spinning and weaving, pottery, cobbler, quilting, crafts. man discusses farming at H.O.M.E. Lucy Poulin, president of H.O.M.E. discusses land trust and home construction and problem of housing for low-income families. Group gathering, meal and singing. Credits at end.

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