[Elizabeth Thompson Reed--home movies] Reel 1

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1927 – 1932
[illegible] at 215 Bishop. Bill. Burd's 1st cat Anne + friends in snow. Grandfather Reed. Watch Hill, Eddy. Children. Nanna, Uncle Blair. Bill + Hotchkess. (over) [illegible] on boat. Watch Hill, 1930 Anne +Nanna Lansing + Edith W. Burd + Mary Net swimming somewhere Sept. 1930 Watch Hill Springfield
Four women in chairs in a garden. Three older women outside a stone building. A young girl leaning against a pillar. Two girls holding cats. Puppies in a dog house. Dogs seen through a fence. A girl and a young man outside a house. A group of women pose for the camera. Children playing in the snow. Women walking in and out of a building. A woman walking and speaking to the camera. A man in a fedora poses by a car. A woman getting out of a car. Children playing on the sidewalk. Close up of an older woman sitting by the window. A woman getting into a car on a busy street, with a chauffeur closing the door. A girl carrying a bouquet of flowers. The girl and two younger girls walking down the front steps of a house. The two young girls sitting next to a tree. The older girl hiding behind the tree. The two younger girls sitting on a porch. A man in a top hat. A woman in a hat and fur coat. An older woman in a dress and scarf. An older man and woman. A man, two girls and a dog playing on the lawn. The man wears an inner tube shaped like a donkey’s head around his neck. A group of people pose beside the car. A man doffs his hat to the camera. Shot of landscape from a moving vehicle. Dark shot of a woman in a white dress (wedding?) Four men on a sailboat. A woman pokes her head out of the hatch. One man holds a spyglass. Two men step into a dingy. Panning shot of the sailboat. Panning shots of other boats. A building on the water. Four men on a dock. People on the beach. A girl toddler walking on the lawn of a house. A woman holding a baby on the steps of the house. A toddler waves at the camera. A group of girls playing croquet. Panning shot of a harbor. A woman poses beside a car. A man and a woman (wearing a fancy hat) in a garden. A group of adults and children on the beach. An older man and woman sitting in a garden. A girl walking through the garden. People on the beach. People in the garden. Adults and children on the beach. People in swimsuits and caps, swimming and walking on rocks by the water. A small dog. A man and a woman in swimsuits, filmed from behind. Sailboats anchored in a small cove. People on the shore. A girl and an old woman on a bench in the garden. People on the beach. Playing in the water. People in the garden, gathered around a sundial. A man and a young girl pose for the camera. Rowers on the water, smokestacks and cranes in the background. A woman in a fur coat on a ship. Dark shot of two women laughing. Group of women standing at the rail of the ship. Shot of the steam ship as it is moved by a tug boat. A girl and a man walking out of a house and past the camera. The man doffs his hat. The young girl and an older woman. An old woman sitting in a chair. Two girls sitting on the lawn. A young girl standing next to a house. People exiting a house. Luggage piled next to a car with the trunk open. [End of Reel]

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