Maine and New Hampshire ca. 1929--Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies. Reel 1

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Men moving hay onto a wagon. Moving hay into a barn. Intertitle: ‘IT WAS HOT WORK!’ Men standing in an empty wagon. Intertitle: ‘UNLOADING AT THE BARN CONRAD ON “HAT”’. A boy on horseback. Intertitle: ‘UNDER THE CRABAPPLE TREES AT WINDY LEDGE.’ Four boys sitting on a bench. (Brooks, Charlie, Bill Woodman, Ted Brown, Walter Woodman, Conrad Wright, Charles Weston, Walter W. Wright.) Intertitle: ‘UNCLE CYRUS AND CO. RETURN TO CHOCORUA.’ A group of children sitting on the porch. A car arrives and people get in. Intertitle: ‘PUSSY WILLOW’S ADVICE BE NONCHALANT.’ A dog and a cat chasing each other. Intertitle: ‘THE ANNUAL BURNING OF BRUSH AND RUBBISH.’ People throwing brush on a bonfire. Intertitle: ‘ROLLERS FROM AN ANTIQUE WASING MACHINE AFFORD EXERCISE.’ A group of boys and a dog playing with the rollers. Intertitle: ‘WE VISIT THE BROWNES AT CHOCORUA.’ Children playing in a field. Mount Chocorua can be seen in the background. Close up of the children. Children playing croquet. Intertitle: ‘THE PHENIX WOODPILE CHOCORUA.’ Children carrying firewood. Intertitle: ‘JOAN PHENIX’. Close up of a toddler. Card: ‘ELIZABETH, JOAN AND RICHARD’. A girl, a boy and a toddler smelling flowers. Intertitle: ‘NO PLACE LIKE HOME. BACK AT WINDY LEDGE’ Shot of a field and mountains in the distance. [End of Reel]
Haying: Curtis Thayer, Walter Woodman Wright, Walter Woodman, Uncle Ell Thayer Brooks Wright, Conrad Wright, horses Hat & Minnie. "It was Hot Work" : Unloading hay, CCW on Hat. Charles Weston, Uncle Chamber. "Under the crab apple tree at Windy Ledge" Visit to the Brows at Chocorua: On the bench : Brooks, Charlie Bill Woodman, Ted Brown. Walter Woodman, Conrad Wright, Charles Weston, Walter W. Wright. Uncle Cyrus & family leave Windy Ledge for return trip to Chocorua. In car: Uncle Cyrus, on porch : CHCW, W3, Walter Woodman, CCW BW, Fanny Harlow, Ted Brown, Aunt Frances. Pussy Willow is nonchalant with Rusty, The Weston's dog. Annual burning : of brush and Rubbish. Charles Weston, CCW, W3, Curtis, BW, CHCW. Antique washing machine rollers afford exercise. Curtis, W3, CHCW, BW. Visit to Chocorua, 1929 : Frances Brown, Sally Brown, Teddy Brown Phenix woodpile & Joan Phenix, Evelyn, Elizabeth, Joan, Richard.

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