[Annie Wood Nowell--home movies] Reel 2

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Notes from can: Duplicate film. 1927. This film was made for family use because in 1927 they were so uncertain about the life of films which were in use. AWN. Films have been shifted around since this was made so this is spread through different reels. Leader notes: Duplicate. Some parts are the original? // 1.4% shrinkage. // Family scenes in garden outside large, ivy-covered house. Little girl plays in mother's dresser/bureau.
Intertitle: 'WINCHESTER, SPRING 1927, Nancy 1 YR. 9 MOS. OLD.' A little girl (Nancy) playing with books, flowers and a doll. A young woman reading. Intertitle: 'HELEN 12 1/2 YRS.' A girl (Helen) in a hat and coat. Intertitle: 'KATHARINE 17 3/4 YRS.' A girl (Katharine) standing next to a tree. Katharine again, in a fur coat. Cut to Nancy playing in front of a mirror. Intertitle: 'HELEN DRESSES FOR A COSTUME PARTY AND WISHES SHE MIGHT TAKE NANCY.' Helen in a headscarf wraps another scarf around Nancy. They play with a tambourine. Nancy in the garden. Two girls walking together. Helen in front of a house. Nancy in front of the house. Nancy playing in the yard. Helen and Nancy in the garden. Nancy playing alone in the garden. Intertitle: 'NANCY SURPRISED TO FIND HERSELF ALLOWED TO STAY AT HELEN’S BUREAU.' Nancy playing with a hand mirror and other things on the bureau. [End of Reel]

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