New York World's Fair, 1939--Walter J. Clark--home movies. Reel 20

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New York World's Fair, 1939--Walter J. Clark--home movies. Reel 20Credit:

Credit: Walter J. Clark Collection, Northeast Historic Film. 

Credit: Walter J. Clark home movies. "New York World's Fair, 1939." 16 mm. film. From the Walter J. Clark Collection at Northeast Historic Film, Bucksport, ME. MP4 video, 13:03.
Home movie of 1939 Clark family visit to the New York World's Fair and New York City.
New York World's Fair footage: Turnstiles at entrance to the Fair. Visitors on buses, "Greyhound thru the New York [World's Fair]." Footage of the Fair shot from the bus. Looking toward twin pylons in the Court of Communications. People transported in hand-pushed chairs. Shot of fairgrounds with sign for "Petticoat Lane." Star Pylon. United States Post Office building. Crosley Radio Corporation Building. Military (?) parade. Front of General Motors Building. Ford Motor Company Building. Buses driving down Fair roadway. Trylon and Perisphere. Consolidated Edison Building, curved facade with fountain display and entrance to The City of Light exhibit. United States Steel Subsidiaries Building. View across Amusement Zone. World’s Fair Hall of Music. Frank Buck’s Jungleland. Brief shot of National Cash Register Company. Shot of sky and blimps. Romanian House. Closeup views of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Pavilion, including statue "The Worker," and relief of Stalin. Czecho-Slovak Pavilion. Japan Pavilion. Pan across Court of States. Sealtest Building. Schaefer Center. Gathering of people outside the Perisphere. People carrying flags down the Helicline from the Perisphere. Short shot of a parade. Crowds on the fairgrounds. Crowds on the Helicline preparing to enter the Perisphere. Statue of George Washington and surrounding area. British Pavilion. Crowds gathered in the Court of Peace with United States Building in the background. National Cash Register Company Building. Crowds entering Nature's Mistakes attraction. Crowds outside of Frank Buck’s Jungleland. Man with camels. Amusement Zone rides and performers. Sign for: "Phillips H. Lord Gang-Busters Crusade Against Crime." Crystal Palace marquee. Scene of a Western themed performance with band and performers on horseback. Acrobats. Sign: "George Jessel's Old New York Big Stage Show, Cast of 100-Mostly Girls." "Gimbel's Flyer." Boats and other rides for children. A bear cub on a leash. Maine Pavilion and the Court of States. Building models inside a pavilion (?). Man in clown makeup and police uniform. Very dark footage, perhaps of a carousel. New York City street scenes. View from the top of a skyscraper. Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center. Radio City Music Hall. Night views of city and lit theater signs. Man, woman, and two children outside of a house (probably not New York City).

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