[Milton Dowe—home movies] Reel 7

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1938 – 1940
29:49-30:10 Sign: "Waldo-Hancock Bridge 300 Feet" with arrow pointing direction, then LS pan of bridge from Waldo to Hancock side with hills in B/G, and village seen along the shore. Scratches throughout. 30:10-30:29 Views of road entrance to bridge on Waldo side, several views of the whole bridge from that side, then rear view of car crossing the bridge towards Bucksport, Maine. Intertitle: "Part of Quoddy Dam" 30:29-30:56 Brief view of earthen dam, then LAS of building with "Quoddy Village" written on pediment. Various shots of white frame traditional New England buildings in the village, including HAS of large building (school?). Appears to be in the 1930s. Quoddy Village was built to house and support workers for the federally funded Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project near Eastport, (Washington County) Maine. After the project ended in the mid 1930s, the village was used by the National Youth Administration and then as a military training base during World War II. Intertitle: "Just Fences. Soon these will decay and be forgotten" 30:56-31:52 A portfolio of various kinds of fences found in the rural areas of Maine. Views of a zig-zag wood fence with stacked rough-sawn boards in a field lined with evergreens. Views of another fence in straight line with rough cut logs edging a farm field. A third fence with diagonal logs edges a field by a forest, and another shows how wood logs are woven together to make strong joints. One shows long logs to enclose an animal area. [Date codes 1938-1940] 31:52-32:43 Man sits by an open door in a house, shuffling playing cards, then he deals them out on a table and shuffles them on the surface. Trick photography shows all the cards from the surface flying back into his hand. A woman deals out four hands of cards, then trick photography has them all returning to her hand. Shots of a man behind a movie camera on a tripod. 32:46 -33:33 CU of dog we have seen in previous reels sitting in the kitchen. Looks part setter or hunting dog. The dog looks at the camera, cocks its head, then barks several times.. shots of the dog lying on a rug on the floor. 33:33-34:00 View of a table-top Christmas or winter scene with bottle brush trees and cotton snow. Intertitle: "E.T. Dodge 84 Yrs. Old" 34:00-34:29 Mr. Dodge stands outdoors in front of a commercial building, wearing a winter coat and what looks like a conductor's cap. CUs and MS. Intertitle: "Winter" 34:30-35:35 Ice-encrusted deciduous trees silhouetted against the sky after a storm. CUS, LS and MS. Intertitle: "Winter Sports" 35:35-36:01 Two women and a man in winter clothing walk over flat snow-covered area. Dog in background frolics in deep snow. Side shot woman takes shot with Graphlex camera. Man and woman pose, then play on snow. 36:01- 36:43 Car with skis jutting out from trunk cross flat area of snow ( with hill in B/G), towing a skier on a rope (like sea skiing behind a boat). Man poses with the tow rope. Then shot from back of car looking back to man being towed along the snow, farm buildings behind. He crosses from one side of the car to another. 36:43-37:28 Woman puts on her skis, then shots from back of car as she is towed along behind on the flat snowy field. Vertical scratches throughout. 37:28-38:37 Man puts on skis, then shots of him from rear of car as he is towed behind. He crosses back and forth behind the car. In one shot, he makes a 306 degree circle behind the car. 38:38- 38:47 Skis are returned to the rumble seat of the car by the man and woman. 38:47- 39:32 Ice or snow sculpture- blocks of snow make a large armchair which two women enjoy. They walk through a door opening in the block structure, while a man peeks through the opening in B/G. 39:32- 39:53 Sign "Snow Bowl" nailed to tree. Kids move around an older man (in whiteface?) with beard, smoking a pipe who has been operating a piece of machinery. 39:53- 40:16 shots of interior of building at the Snow bowl. then shots of wooden sled run with couple coming down hill on sled from platform near top of hill. Views of building at ski area with people milling around in front (from an event?) 40:17- 40:33 Five young women pose for the camera. They all wear ribbon sashes to indicate they are "Lady in Waiting" or "Snow Bowl Queen." they then walk off. 40:34-41:28 Toddler sits in a cart towed by a dog. The child is in winter coat and hat. People surround an outdoor rink watching individual and couple ice skaters perform. One young woman wears a fur-lined hat and wears fur gloves, but falls as she makes a turn. A young man does some jumps and twirls. 41:28-42:34 Views of group of spectators in areas where there are several tall tree trunks. The white-faced man arrives and looks around. Then shots of men with axes taking turns chopping at the trunks. The snow has melted and there is standing water around the tree trunks. A good crowd watches. Men then chop the trunks into pieces as part of the competition. 42:34-42:53 two sledders come down a wooden toboggan run, watched by people in the F/G. Another couple takes a run. LS of people surrounding the ice rink and others milling around. 42:53-43:29 Dog sled teams stand ready for a competition. One man is in a full fur coat, being admired by several people. Teams take off, including some with the Ladies in Waiting. 43:29- 46:42 Two cats fight and roll on a kitchen floor. Tail switching paw batting, etc. Two kittens outside on grass watch camera, then escape from a ceramic tall pickle jar, then play in grass. A puppy sits nervously on an outdoor step. An English Setter (?) looks at camera, then sits by woman ready to take off at a moment's notice. Another dog hangs around, then takes a biscuit from an outstretched hand of unseen person. 46:42-47:07 Man and woman stand talking and smiling in front of building. 47:08- 49:06 Two dogs sit in a kitchen. One cocks its head as camera rolls. One dog leaves and the other lies down on floor. Shots of the two dogs playing with a toy, each trying to drag it from the other. Some of the shots are very dark when dogs get out of range of sun coming into the room.

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