[compilation tape]

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Compilation tape made in 1996 by Tom E. Murray. Tape label as follows. ONSITE REFERENCE ONLY. 1. (72 min., si./b&w with music score) Dolores Del Rio, Evangeline, 1928, orchestra and vocals, nitrate damage at end. 2. (9 min., sd., col.) Gillian Anderson on Sun. AM 12/2/95. Includes interview with her and CU of various instruments in orchestra. She says she matches music to the action on screen. Discusses use of metanome for timing, for silent movies, Chaplin segments. 3. (17 min., si./b&w with music score) Harold Lloyd, Get Out and Get Under (incomplete). Misadventures of a man and his vehicle enroute to perform in an amateur theatrical show. Note from Murray concerning the Evangeline segment: 'The music for Evangeline is not by Hugo Riesenfeld but a hodge-podge of Chaplin, Holst, Mahler, etc--but some, especially at beginning, is pleasant. The transitions from one piece to another is often jarring.'

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