Air Circus Bangor--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 11

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1939 – 1940
Air Circus Bangor--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 11Credit:

Credit: Walter V. Mitton home movies, Everett Foster Collection, Northeast Historic Film.

Title, 'Aerial Circus at Bangor airport, May, 1939,' b&w: planes, hangar with Bangor painted on roof. Cars parked along field. Planes doing rolls. Title, 'Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker, Bangor Airport, June, 1940,' col.: man waves as plane takes off. Crowd around plane, two men on wing, one stands and talks, the other is seated. Plane takes off. Wikipedia b&w: Ice skaters, spectators; brick building in background. Could be on a campus. Men and women skaters perform. Ice dancing, no jumps. Joined by crowd of skaters. CU couple dancing with woman in white outfit with fur trim and fur hat. col.: flooded road with cars approaching camera and driving away. Brewer Kiwanis sign, five men in suits and hats standing around it, one man paints post for sign. Title, 'Junior Legion Baseball Tournament at Brewer Athletic Field August, 1940,' col.: marching band, two teams lined up, spectators, few shots of game. Good color.
Compiled black-and-white and color home movies including scenes of ice skating, baseball, an aerial show, and a 1940 appearance in Bangor of World War I flying ace Captain Eddie Rickenbacker.

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