Swanville Farm Apple Trees--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 15

Swanville, Maine
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circa 1940
Swanville Farm Apple Trees--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 15Credit:

Credit: Walter V. Mitton home movies, Everett Foster Collection, Northeast Historic Film.

Title, 'Hardy-stock apple trees are selected and varieties top-grafted,' man working with small tree, wrapping a graft. Title, 'Prior to the trees reaching bearing age commercial crops are interplanted,' rows of 4 ft. trees, underexposed pan of field and trees, better view of same. Water in background. Waving grasses or grain. Pan to road. Widely spaced trees with plants, closeup of flowering plant and bees. Title, 'Annual mulching supplies many of the essential nutritive elements,' tractor going over field of grass, young woman and boy turning hay. Red tractor carrying load of hay, woman uses pitchfork to move hay, man uses pitchfork to deliver mulch to destination. Rows of apple trees with white wrapping on their lower trunks. Title, 'When the trees reach bearing age a thorough spray program is carried out,' tractor carrying tanks goes past stone wall, man pours white powder, then black powder into tank, man sprays trees heavily with chemical, probably insecticide. Good closeups of meters, spraying, blowing powder. Man drives tractor and sprays from seat. Camera is in spray-fall distance. Title, 'Cherry, Pear, Peach and Plum blossoms and fruit,' many shots of fruit trees, CU red fruit. Title, 'Our trees began to produce in the fifth orchard year,' numerous shots of fruit and blossoms. Title, 'Harvesting apples and hauling to grading and processing plant,' apples being picked and placed in bags by men and women. The bags are canvas, they hang over their shoulders. have Tractor full of apple crates, two young women sit next to crates, one is eating an apple. CU pan of apples in wooden crates.
Color home movies documenting work activity at a commercial orchard in Swanville, Maine, circa 1940.

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