[O.P. Geer--home movies] Reel 4

Boothbay, Maine
Quebec, Canada
Adirondack Mountains, States
New Jersey (Montclair)
New York (New York, Niagara Falls)
Virginia (Virginia Beach)
Washington, D.C
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NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 4: (Reel 4.) Upward tracking shot of tall city building, skyscraper. 40:01. MS of city buildings, skyscrapers. This is New York! Right track pan. of city buildings. CU of what appears to be large cross. MS of city street under bridge, people walking, cars. Downward track shot of New York harbor, boats in dock. Overhead shot of buildings near pier, vehicles on street. 41:05. MS. of New York harbor, city buildings. MS of crowds in street, upward track shot of municipal building which may be courthouse. MS. of group of statues at facade summit. Rear shot of statue of George Washington. Track shot of tenement building. Shot tracks to right for improved structures. Upward track shot skyscrapers. (End of Reel 4.)

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