[Howard Kane--home movies] Reel 79

Maine United States (?)
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NHF notes as follows. Can/reel/box annotations appear in quotes. Reel 79: (50 ft., dc 1935) Barnett Bros. three-ring circus. Two men lead elephant from tent and make print of its foot. Man leashes elephant. Man in jodhpurs cleans elephant's foot. Rural area, field (Machias area?). Barnett Bros. most likely South Carolina, not New England. Research notes regarding Barnett Bros.: http://www.elephant.se/location2.php?location_id=850 "This circus was owned by Ray Rogers and operated out of York, South Carolina. We joined the show in 1937 when I was 2 years old and we remained thru 1942. When the title was changed to Wallace Bros. has always been confusing to me. I have heard that the change came about in 1936, the year Sam Gumpertz left Hagenbeck-Wallace in the barn but some of these pictures dispute this." //Buckles Web Log, Barnett/Wallace 1930's #1 "This is one of my pictures showing Helene Hartzell and "Della", this elephant was purchased in 1933 from the famous magician, Howard Thurston. We joined the show in 1937, the first year they used the Wallace tile. This may have been bought about by the the absence of the Hagenbeck-Wallace Show in 1936." //Buckles Web Log, Barnett/Wallace #3

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