In the Spirit of Haystack

Deer Isle, Maine
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'A film by Jane Morrison.' Made with funds from the Maine State Commission on the Arts during the filmmakers artist in residency at WCBB 1979 (per credits). Portrait of Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine. Voice overs including Fran Merritt, founding director. Opens with a man making a clay mask on his own face while he sits on rocks by the sea. People dye t-shirts and other fabric and clothes dry on a line stretched down the stairs in the middle of the school. Metalwork, glass, clay, screen- printing activities shown. Howard Evans, director, speaks. Woman plays guitar.
A man standing in front of the ocean puts a sheet of clay over his face and imprints a design with his fingers. Title card: ‘IN THE SPIRIT OF HAYSTACK, A film by Jane Morrison, Music by Jill McManus’. Shot of the coastline. A voice narrates over images of the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. (Deer Isle, Maine) Fran Merrit, founding director, narrates. People tie-dying tee shirts. Narration over images of teachers and students working. Bell ringing. Interview with a student in voiceover. A woman singing and playing the guitar. Potters working. People outside a kiln. A student narrates over film of people doing screen printing. People taking fired pots out of the kiln. Howard Evans, then director of Haystack, narrates over images of students displaying their work. Close ups of tie-dyed tee shirts on a line and printed cloths. Credits: ‘Special Thanks to: The Haystack Mt. School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine, Mary B. Bishop, Founder, Fran Merritt, Founding Director, Howard Evans, Current Director, Charles Gallllls, President of the board, Haystackers of 1978 3rd session, Goldie Sherman for “Silver Threads & Golden Needles”, Dr. Francis O’Connor for equipment, Marguerita Oerlemans for editing assistance, Duncan Slade – Co-ordinator film program’. ‘This film was made with funds from the Maine State Commission on the Arts during the filmmakers artist in residency at WCBB The Maine Public Broadcasting System in collaboration with the Haystack Mt. School of Crafts.’ ‘Music by Jill McManus ©1979 ZIA MUSIC’. Title: ‘IN THE SPIRIT OF HAYSTACK A film by Jane Morrison’. [End of Reel]

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