[Herbert Kenney--home movies]

Bar Harbor, Maine
Massachusetts (Cambridge, Waltham), States
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Collection formerly called 'Seavey Collection' A walk through Author's Ridge in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass., with a young woman, Constance Seavey (about 15 years old), a stop at Thoreau's tomb and others. A young man, Holden Jackson, tries to climb a boulder, lights a cigarette CU, he wears round-rimmed glasses. (shots used in Bar Harbor film produced by COA.) The J.T. Morse, Eastern Steam Ship Lines, a steamboat that runs from Bar Harbor, Mt. Desert Island. Numerous young men and women swimming and diving. Most swimming scenes are waitresses and others connected with Harborside Inn, Northeast Harbor, at Echo Lake and Somes Pond on Mt. Desert Island, including Constance Seavey's sister, (Mildred Dolliver Gilley). Date code 1931. Kids play on a wooden pier, some out of focus, fast. 'A Day in the Country,' shots of the countryside and a river. Special effects include fast-motion drive along country road, a double exposure of Herbert Kenney with motion picture over country scene. Constance Seavey does not recall location or outing. Title: 'Middlesex County Sanatorium, Waltham, Mass. by Herbert Kenney,' various MS employees. (1933-34) [Kenney worked at Sanatorium.] People posing for the camera, color (1945-6?)

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