Africa Trip #1, circa 1959--Lillian Edwards--home movies. Reel 1

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circa 1959
Africa #1
Shot of the sunset. People swimming at the beach. Shot of people on a different beach. A man wearing a robe walking down the steps. A group of people walking down steps. Shot of a town along the shore, with people and small boats on the beach. Three people on a narrow boat out in the water. Another shot of the first beach with people playing in the water. Children hula-hooping on the beach. Birds perched on a street lamp. Various shots of the sunset. Panning shot of the shore and beachgoers. Panning shot of the town. A group of people setting out in a sailboat. A woman in a swimsuit walks down the beach holding the hand of a toddler. Shot of the sailboat with the town in the background. Shot following the sailboat. Cut back to the woman and toddler. The beach from various angles. People playing volleyball. Shot of the water with people swimming, kayaking and paddle boating. A woman walks down the beach with a baby strapped to her back. Children playing on the beach. Shot following two people paddle boating. A bird diving to pick something up off the beach. People going out in a canoe. Close up of a child in blue walking on the beach. People pushing a canoe out into the water. A man in the canoe waves his paddle at a passing sailboat. Children on the beach. Shot of a plane overhead. Children playing in a beached canoe. People pull a canoe onto the beach. Its side reads: ‘BENEDICTE’. People on the beach. Shot of a canoe on the water, with a large white building (a hotel?) in the background. Closer shot of the children rowing the boat. Cut to people on the beach. Cut back to the canoe. Man stands in the foreground while children play in a beached canoe behind him. Various shots of children playing in the surf. The beach with small sailboats. The sunset over palm trees. Cut to shots of the landscape from the air. Clouds and a plane’s wing. More shots of clouds. Towns seen from the air. The plane’s landing gear as it taxis. People around the airport. An airplane stairway reads: ‘Ghana Airways’. Sign reads: ‘Accra Airport’. Shot of the airplane on the tarmac and a truck pulling two baggage carts. Shot of a town and shoreline from the air. Shot of a different town. A flock of birds seen flying below the plane. Sun setting behind palm trees. Shot of a wharf in the surf. Closer shot of the waves. Panning shot of the beach and large houses along it. People playing in the water at the beach. People walking on the beach with inner tubes. Various shots of the beach. [End of Reel]

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