[Charles B. Hinds—home movies] Reel 19

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Encampment in the woods. Nice coverage of row of tents and people milling around. Main building with scouts coming out. Scout with two semaphore flags signaling. Another doing same with lake in background. Flag among trees. Adults at camp. Men in military uniform. Women well dressed. Men seated on ground with sign saying "no parking". Scout leaders all assembled for photo. Women are wearing corsages. Boy Scout Parade, 1930, Congress Street, Portland, Maine 42:44 to 50:00 Boy Scout parade in downtown Portland, Congress Street. Scouts pass by Keith's Theatre, Richard Dix in "Lovin the Ladies" [1930] "5 Acts Vodvil" [sic] on marquee. (Very nice shot, stable and long.) Pan up street, elm tree. Another view of cobbles and Scout bands, various Troops includng Portland, Westbrook, Gorham, all with identifying flags. Hollis Ctr. South Portland. Trolley car comes behind. Gray, Bridgton. Auburn, Lewiston, Farmington, Augusta, Mechanic Falls.

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