[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 043-44

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Reel 43 & 44 Archie Stewart can notes, 43: Kodak's first color. Faded after one year. They corrected it the following year. Before they faded these were some of the prettiest of all colors I ever took. 1. Glouster [sic: Gloucester, MA]. 2. Sam's Dinner. 3. Mombacus. 4. Autumn leaves. Archie Stewart can notes, 44: Continuation of 43. Of interest to descendants.
NHF cataloguer's notes, 7/96 for Reels 43-44: Screening notes: Young couple and boy on steps of brick building with Mary. WS of Mary Stewart on lawn in front of large ivy-covered building at Wellesley College. Pan up and left showing dormer windows and second wing. Young girl walks down path away from camera, swinging purse. High hedges and brick archway. Mary poses with foot on car running board. Sky (sunset?) Mother, Ann, Mary on stone pier looking at ocean. On beach, woman holds Ann as wave crash in. Other bathers in BG. Jumping in waves with beach ball. Girl climbs on Archie's back as he kneels in surf. Panning shot of large motor boat passing. Ann playing in sand, with ball. Moving shot from boat of small city, Gloucester, MA. Slow pan of port and piers. Huge cargo boat pan. Grandfather Warden an on boat holding small stingray. Seagull fishing. Hooking large stingray. Seagull flying. VS of boat passengers including Mary and two girls. LS large sailboat, yacht. VS of caught fish. Two young girls on rocks above beach. Billboard sign 'Sam's Diner. Quality Food. Table Service.' Pan to young girl approaching on pony lead by man. VS of boys holding ponies while Mary and Ann ride. [Mary Stewart Hafer: In central Mass., I think on Rte 9. Parents and Grandparents liked to stop there. Good food, sparkling clean, good prices. Ann and I liked it for the pony rides.] WS smoke from campfire. Dog and children swimming below waterfall. Man tending meat cooking over campfire. Picnickers seated on rocky ledges. VS children swimming, dog paddle, sunbathing. [Mary Stewart Hafer: Mombaccus. I think shots from two different occasions are intermixed. Ann and I have bathing suits and in others we are wearing only underpants.] Two young girls admiring flowers in garden. CUs on blooms. VS man diving off board into pool. VS of trees (fall foliage?). Mother, Ann and Mary walking, driving on country roads. Fruit at market stand. Apples, pumpkins. Ann and pansies. Mary with Grandfather Warden in garden. Firecracker? LS Fireworks, pinwheels, rockets. Powelton Club, 4th of July display. Garden windgauge - figure of woman in bonnet and long dress. Mary with robin "Cheepie" on wrist, head, finger. Baseball game: VS batter swinging, pitcher windup, band playing, runner advancing, fielding, spectators. Mother swimming. Man diving off board. More of girl with sparrow, feeding. Pan of formal gardens, children looking at beds, MCUs and CUs. Downing Park, Newburgh. Getting into sedan car. Outdoor scenes: Man picks up woman on sidewalk. Laughing man holding cocktail glass, napkin bib. Golfing on lawn: woman swings wildly and man cringes. [Laura McKinley is tiny woman]

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