[F.B. Richards--home movies.] Snow White and A Round of Calls in Blue Hill

Blue Hill, Maine
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1915 – 1917
Amateur. 'Snow White' production staged at country club. Wedding. Also Richards family members visiting Blue Hill families. Includes a performance by Kneisel Hall Quartette. 28 mm.: Snow White negative (mold, needs to be cleaned) 28 mm.: Final Exercises at Ogontz School Philadelphia (2 reels) 28 mm. 1917 28 mm. Snow White, Richards reel 2 28 mm. Lynn, Ingall School. 16 mm. Snow White 16 mm. The Yellow Mercer, A Round of Calls, Springers Wedding.
Amelia Earheart attended the Ogontz School in Philadelphia in 1916-1917, but did not graduate. http://www.libraries.psu.edu/psul/digital/ogontz/alumnae.html "After attending many schools, she graduated from Hyde Park High School in Chicago in 1916. Soon after, her mother came into some inheritance funds that offered an opportunity to send Amelia and her sister, Muriel, to private schools. With Bryn Mawr as her ultimate goal, Amelia entered The Ogontz School at the Jay Cooke estate that fall. She was 19 years old. Part of a transitional class, she started her second year at the Rydal location. She would have graduated in June 1918 had she completed the year. But she never finished at Ogontz....At Christmastime 1917, she visited her sister who was at school in Toronto, Canada, and was moved by the sight of soldiers who had become amputees. She returned to Ogontz in January, but stayed only a few weeks. She had decided to become a nurses’ aide in the Voluntary Aid Detachment at a Toronto hospital."
"A Round of Calls," includes a view of Kneisel Hall Quartette (sic). Isabella Stewart Gardner's music room at Fenway Court was the home of the Kneisel group for performance seasons of 1908-1910, according to Cultivating Music in America: Women Patrons and Activists Since 1860, Locke, (p 95).
"Snow White" Part 1 Original can label (? either for this or part 2): "Snow White negatives" NAC #9

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