[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 77

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1954 – 1955
NHF cataloguer notes (reel numbers assigned by donor or creator): Reel 77: [all exterior shots, well composed, lengthy, focused, and steady.] 6:17:56 women kiss in greeting at front door; toddler walking in yard; mother opens gift for baby; puts on a hand puppet; woman hanging clothing on the line in backyard; toddler playing at his mother's feet; kitchen garden; older woman carrying child; man in military uniform lifts up the infant; shirtless man mowing lawn with push mower; model of boat in yard; group of people examining a cannon; man carrying child on his shoulders; 6:22:46 cars on bridge POV from car window; car approaches toll booths; shot of top of bridge from car, camera pointed up, cross girders; cars coming off bridge; sign, 'Delaware Memorial Bridge' 'Philadelphia, Wilmington'; toll booth; POV from car driving over bridge; sign, 'New Jersey Turnpike'; 6:25:49 men and women in dresses and suits milling about outside; women wearing hats and corsages; bridal couple exit a door and are bombarded with rice; decorated bridal car drives away; 6:26:53 man in suit walking down ramp onto boat carrying suitcases, tennis rackets; shore from POV from boat; man climbing ramp carrying things; sign, 'Private Isle of Springs Assn'; couple walking down ramp with suitcase; people sitting on front porch in sun; people sitting on dock in the sun reading the newspaper; CU of small bird nesting in a log; boat of people approaching dock; 6:29:47 dark shots of fireworks in sky; people lighting firecrackers outside; man pushing wheelbarrow full of suitcases; sign, 'INBOUND LUGGAGE'; plane, 'Northeast'; people walking onto tarmac to board; woman carrying child to boat; men, women and children seated on porch; man fixes child's stroller; group of people including child in stroller in boat; WS of people on deck of ferry bus, 'Balmy Days.'

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