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Title, 'Life in a tent. Swaddling baby. Making coffee. Spinning. Making bread.' Silhouettes. Exterior. 'Village scenes. Lilies of the Field? Shepherd boys. Views of people outside. Two women turn around in a circle modeling clothing. Hills with sheep. 'Tour life -- Catching the bus. Market Day.' 'Nazareth in Galilee of the Gentiles.' Pan. 'The Old Time Plow is Still in Use.' 'Hills in Samara and Jacob's Well.' 'The Samaritan Passover. The Oldest Co----- . Blood Sacrifice'
Title card: 'LIFE IN A TENT – Swaddling Baby Making Coffee Spinning Making Bread.' A family gathered under a tent. A woman swaddles a baby and rocks the baby in a hammock. A man grinds coffee. A woman spins thread using a drop spindle. Wide shot of the people around the tent. A woman kneads bread dough in a shallow basin. A toddler walks into the frame wearing oversized shoes. Intertitle: 'VILLAGE SCENES – “LILIES OF THE FIELD” – SHEPHERD BOYS.' Panning shot of a village of low stone buildings. Various shots of people around the village. Two people standing in a doorway. A woman picking flowers. Wide shot of the landscape. A herd of sheep. Intertitle: 'TOWN LIFE – CATCHING THE ‘LUS – MARKET DAY.' Various shots of people and cars on the town streets. A woman walks past the camera carrying a platter on her head. Shot of the market place and mosque. Panning shot of buildings, one with the sign: ‘PHARMACY, L. STERNBERG, CHEMIST’ on it. A group of people gathered on a street corner. Intertitle: 'NAZARETH in “GALILIE OF THE GENTILES”' Panning shot of a town, seen from on top of a hill or building. Intertitle: 'THE OLD-TIME PLOW IS STILL IN USE.' A man uses a plow pulled by two oxen. Quick shot of a town before cutting away. Intertitle: 'HILLS OF SAMARIA AND JACOB’S WELL.' Panning shot of hills and a stone structure. Intertitle: 'The Samaritan Passover the oldest continuous “Blood-Sacrifice”.' A crowd of people gathered around a tent. A group of men praying. [End of Reel]

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