Peking to Blue Hill, 1938-1939--Adelaide Pearson--home movies. Reel 12

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1938 – 1939
Imperial palace and Temple of Heaven in Peking (Beijing). A procession of boys carrying tasseled poles. A procession of men in white carrying crosses. Pall bearers carrying a coffin. Pavilions on top of hills. A pavilion overlooking the city. Shot of the city from above, including the two White Dagoba stupas at Beihai Park and the Miaoying Temple, Beijing. Cars driving through archway. Procession of palanquin bearers, a rickshaw with a mannequin, boys with tassels on poles, a marching band, and a larger palanquin. Camel caravan. Close up of the Nine-Dragon Wall, in the Beihai Park, Beijing. Large square. Japan. Scenic views of lake, bridges, gardens. Procession of small children with flowers. (Shichi go san celebration?) Man (priest?) borne on litter. Mount Fuji. Cherry blossoms. Cruise ship at dock. Blue Hill. Children standing in hilly yard in front of frame building. They hold American flag and salute. Children dressed in costumes.

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